Alphacon, Evolving into a Mainnet Coin

Alphacon Mainnet Coin (ALPP) & Wallet Release

  • Cryptocurrency exchange ChainB to list the Alphacon Mainnet Coin on February 27th
  • Block benefits through 'staking' on the Alphacon wallet
  • Within 6 months after listing on ChainB, Alphacon tokens to be swapped for Alphacon coins (ALPP) at a 1:1 ratio

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Alphacon Network Foundation (CEO Siwon Hahm,, the blockchain-based healthcare platform, has announced the release of the Alphacon Mainnet wallet and listing of the Alphacon Mainnet Coin (ALPP) on the ChainB ( cryptocurrency exchange for February 27.

Alphacon, Evolving into a Mainnet Coin
Alphacon, Evolving into a Mainnet Coin

Last month, Alphacon launched the Alphacon Mainnet 1.0 via the PoS (Proof of Stake) V3 algorithm, and is now able to issue coins through its own Mainnet instead of relying on Ethereum-based tokens. Alphacon will now be listed as a Mainnet coin through the ChainB cryptocurrency exchange at a list price of 40 KRW($0.036 USD).

In addition, the Windows version of the Alphacon wallet program can be downloaded and installed through GitHub (; allowing Alphacon coin holders to receive consistent block benefits through staking.

'Staking' is a method that compliments the enormous costs and energy wasted in excessive computing power used for the mining of Bitcoin (mining, recording transactions of cryptocurrency, and creating blocks to obtain cryptocurrency in return) and ensures that the real owners of the coins are compensated for the creation of blocks. Alphacon holders will be compensated for block generation simply by staking coins in their wallets.

For existing Alphacon token holders, all tokens will be swapped out for coins at a 1:1 ratio within 6 months after the listing of ALP on the ChainB exchange. Details on the swap and schedule will be announced on the ChainB exchange and Alphacon community channels.

In addition, token issuance and listing through its own Mainnet is very important to support various healthcare related projects, namely the 'Alpha-Chain Project'.

The 'Alpha-Chain Project' is based on using the Alphacon Mainnet Coin as a key currency. It is aimed not only for simple financing like existing Ethereum-based ICOs, but also for PR/marketing, accelerating, blockchain technology support, and other various collaboration structures.

Alpha-Chain's first project is 'AlphaFood,' which uses blockchain technology to offer safe food, and transparently discloses production, processing and distribution stages to provide consumers with reliable food and nutrient analysis; with the goal of providing high-quality premium services.

Most companies conduct ICOs using Bitcoin or Ethereum as the key currency. Alpha-Chain's 'Alpha Food' project is even more meaningful because it is the first case of an ICO using a Mainnet developed with Korean technology.

Alphacon is dedicated to advancing the daily use of the Alphacon cryptocurrency, ALPP, which is used on the Alphacon platform, and will be launching an Alphacon mobile application by the first half of this year to provide various healthcare services to users.

Alphacon Network Foundation CEO, Siwon Hahm stated, "We are committed to the safe and stable operation of the Alphacon Mainnet, and through the Alphacon Mainnet network, we will be able to provide our holders with more value."

Alphacon Network Foundation

The Alphacon Network Foundation is a blockchain-based healthcare platform which creates an ecosystem that provides individuals with ownership and rights of healthcare data for storage, distribution, and usage to ultimately offer optimal personalized healthcare solutions.

A main characteristic is sharing value among the ecosystem participants by enabling active ecosystem participation through data trading, healthcare advertising platforms, healthcare e-commerce, etc.

Alphacon (ALP) Listed Exchanges

- BitSonic (
- NexyBit (
- ChainB (
- IDAX (

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