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American Axle & Manufacturing Achieves Exceptional Results Across Compliance, Standardization of Processes with Parsable

American Axle & Manufacturing Achieves Exceptional Results Across Compliance, Standardization of Processes with Parsable

New features of Connected Worker® platform enable better, faster decision making and protect users personal information

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Parsable, provider of the Connected Worker® platform for frontline manufacturing and industrial work, today announced new features to its platform to enable all levels of industrial operations to make the best decisions, faster, while protecting personally identifiable information (PII) of each worker.

Industrial companies like American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) use Parsable's platform to capture data from frontline workers as they complete routine activities on smartphones and tablets. Just one insight can translate into millions of dollars in productivity gains. Fortune 500 clients are using Parsable worldwide in more than 800 sites across 86 countries, achieving incredible results like reducing defects by 75% and increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by 6%, in just months with no need for IT support.

Parsable continues to deliver industrial companies with innovative features that unlock valuable data and actionable insights related to frontline operations. Key features announced today as part of the Parsable Connected Worker platform include:

  • Conditional logic - This new capability enables workers to respond dynamically to reported conditions from within the Parsable mobile app. Template authors use if/then logic statements to specify conditions that will reveal data inputs or reveal next steps to be taken. For frontline workers, a template will adapt dynamically to the information logged at each step of a process. As a result, equipment operators are able to make the best decisions quickly when faced with changing conditions.
  • Historical values - Parsable provides a simple, seamless way for frontline workers to review data, spot trends and take action, all within a single application. Historical values provide frontline workers access to previous results for specific inputs as determined by template authors. With this newly surfaced data and their own expertise, frontline workers can take action preemptively. By empowering frontline workers to perform self-guided, in-the-moment trend analysis, operations can take preventive action and make decisions faster.
  • PII Tagging - To remain in compliance with regulations, industrial operators must ensure the PII of individual workers is protected. Template authors can use a PII toggle to flag input fields that capture PII. This new metadata field makes it easier to find, manage and, when required, purge PII.

"Parsable has changed the game for digitization across manufacturing and these new capabilities within the platform are enabling industrial companies to achieve even greater insight into frontline operations, in a way that maintains the protection of PII, and allows for manufacturing leaders to make quick decisions that turn into real results," said Matt Belkin, Parsable.

Helping AAM to Make Informed Decisions, Faster

AAM is the largest supplier of automotive driveline assemblies (axles) in the world, with 25,000 employees and 85 plants globally. The company requires every operator on the line and their supervisors to review job instructions on a quarterly basis. Previously, this was completed through Excel spreadsheets, but there were gaps that ultimately prevented many different sites from fully completing the audit on time.

Through its work with Parsable, AAM is able to reach all applicable associates and supervisors across their facilities worldwide in over 10 different languages, empowering them with the appropriate data to quickly make decisions. AAM has unlocked new visibility into frontline workflows and processes through the activity data captured in the Parsable platform, which has enabled each plant to achieve full compliance of their required quarterly job instruction review on time.

"We use Parsable to collect and quickly access new data on frontline operations. This has helped us to reach new levels of data visualization and compliance to standard processes," said John Klein, business systems leader, American Axle & Manufacturing. "Our supervisors and operators were able to quickly learn how to utilize Parsable and complete required audits. Our management team uses custom dashboards powered by Parsable data to monitor critical activities where Parsable is deployed."

Conditional logic, historical values and PII tagging functionality is now available to all Parsable customers. For more information on Parsable, visit

About Parsable

Parsable ( helps leaders at the world's largest industrial companies unlock the big data and insights needed to improve their frontline operations and build a more sustainable future. Leading manufacturers rely on Parsable's Connected Worker® platform every day to track millions of data points from their frontline operations, and leverage unprecedented visibility to optimize productivity and drive ROI. Parsable is headquartered in San Francisco with presence throughout North America and Europe. Follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter (@ParsableHQ) and the Parsable blog.


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