Amorepacific Group Expands Oceania Business

- Amorepacific Group launches flagship brand AMOREPACIFIC following LANEIGE and innisfree - K-Beauty leader embarks on assertive business expansion in Australia and New Zealand

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Global beauty company Amorepacific Group is expanding its business in the Oceania market.

Amorepacific Group is a global beauty company recording around 6 billion USD in annual sales. It is the oldest and largest beauty company in Korea with a history of 73 years and is also the leader of Korean Beauty (also known as K-beauty) which continues to be a beauty sensation across the world beyond Asia, to North America, Europe and Oceania. Ranked in Forbes '100 Most Innovative Companies in the World' for four consecutive years, Amorepacific Group has developed innovative products that the world has never seen before including the cushion compact, sleeping mask and boosting serum through its customer-centred R&D efforts. Based on its unique corporate philosophy of Asian Beauty[1], the Amorepacific Group has created new beauty categories and changed the beauty culture around the world.

Amorepacific New Headquarters Amorepacific New Headquarters


Amorepacific Group Expands Oceania Business Amorepacific Group Expands Oceania Business


Amorepacific Group Expands Oceania Business Amorepacific Group Expands Oceania Business


Amorepacific Group launched AMOREPACIFIC, its global luxury flagship brand of the same name, exclusively via the MECCA retail channel on October 2 following the successful debut of LANEIGE and innisfree in the Australian market. MECCA is a leading beauty retailer with its own boutique channel MECCA Cosmetica; a store highly suitable for luxury brands, which was a key consideration for Amorepacific Group's 3rd brand to enter their Oceania business.

AMOREPACIFIC entered 44 offline and online stores of luxury channel MECCA Cosmetica across Australia and New Zealand. AMOREPACIFIC is a high-end beauty brand offering timeless beauty through its botanical science using green tea grown in Amorepacific Group's organic green tea garden, Korean bamboo sap and red ginseng as the main ingredients.

With the launch of its flagship brand AMOREPACIFIC, Amorepacific Group has expanded its business in Australian and New Zealand markets. It will continue to further ramp up its expansion into the Oceania region.

Launched in March 2018 exclusively via Sephora Australia, the company's global premium brand LANEIGE continues to build success with its very own Lip Sleeping Mask ranking top in the mask category through Sephora Australia, both online and offline. LANEIGE is also available in New Zealand via the Sephora online store.

Moreover, global naturalism beauty brand innisfree saw over 400 customers line up at its first flagship store in Melbourne Central on the opening day in June and is receiving an enthusiastic response from an it's ever- increasing customer base. With innisfree achieving results beyond expectation, it has opened its second store in Doncaster on October 5, with a third store opening by the end of this year.

Amorepacific Group has been closely studying the Australia and New Zealand beauty markets and their customers for several years. Australia has an advanced market with a stable annual growth rate of 5% and average cosmetics spending per person ranked in the top five in the world. Australian and New Zealand customers are beauty conscious; taking great interest in global beauty trends and cosmetic ingredients. They also put a significant amount of time and effort into taking care of and protecting their skin against environmental factors in the region. In addition, their preference for natural makeup and healthy skin has led to a growing interest in K-beauty.

Amorepacific Group established its Australia office in Melbourne earlier this year and named Caroline Dunlop as the general manager for the early settlement and success of business in the Oceania market. Caroline is a beauty business expert with a breadth of professional experience through global beauty companies and retailers.

"I am so pleased to introduce Amorepacific Group's global brands -- LANEIGE, innisfree and AMOREPACIFIC, to Australia and New Zealand this year. These much-loved brands have enthralled customers around the world, and K-beauty has grown into a beauty category in its own right. As a K-beauty leader, Amorepacific Group is driving innovative beauty trends globally. Through Amorepacific Group, customers will be able to experience and benefit from the long-established expertise and true essence of Asian Beauty," said Caroline Dunlop, President of Amorepacific Australia.

[1] The corporate philosophy is to create A MORE Beautiful World by creating harmony between inner and outer beauty based on a deep understanding of nature and humanity, combined with Amorepacific Group's original innovative technology. It is the Group's commitment to develop innovative products with its natural heritage ingredients -- Ginseng, Green Tea, Bamboo etc... for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

About Amorepacific Group

Since 1945, Amorepacific Group has had a single, clear mission: to present its unique perception of beauty -- namely what it calls 'Asian Beauty' -- to the world. As Korea's leading beauty company, Amorepacific Group draws from its deep understanding of both nature and humanity to pursue harmony between inner and outer beauty. With its portfolio of over 20 cosmetics, personal care, and health care brands, Amorepacific Group is devoted to meeting the various lifestyles and needs of global consumers: Asia, North America, Europe and Oceania. Amorepacific Group's research hubs located around the world are dedicated to sustainable R&D that combine the best of natural Asian ingredients and advanced bio-technology. With its world-class products, Amorepacific Group is acclaimed for the innovative ways in which it is transforming global beauty trends.

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