Amp'ed RF Wireless Technology Supports World Snooker Player Eden Sharav

SAN JOSE, California, Oct. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Worldwide provider of advanced IoT wireless modules, Amp'ed RF Wireless Technology announces sponsorship of world-professional international snooker player Eden Sharav from Alloa, Scotland. Amp'ed RF provides Bluetooth, video, Wi-Fi, and combo IoT integrated circuits (IC) and modules to the automotive, consumer electronics, wearable, audio, health, toy and defense industries.

Amp'ed RF has offices in Tianjin, China and wishes to support culture and sports in China. Snooker has exploded since Ding Junhui won the Snooker China Open in Beijing in 1997.

"When you play snooker in China they treat you like a superstar," said the mysterious Sharav, "The playing conditions are really great. The snooker tables are excellent. The people are very friendly and welcoming."

Sharav says that he enjoys playing snooker because it requires concentration and focus on every shot. It requires a lot of hard work. The game is 80% mental and most tables play differently. He says he has to adapt his concentration to every given situation. Another huge factor in winning snooker is technique. Sharav practices five hours a day six days a week. While he was in Beijing, recently, he taught teens at a CBSA elite snooker academy. His students were excellent players and welcomed his advice. The future of China snooker is bright as it is now part of the school curriculum.

"We are pleased that Amp'ed RF supports a China sport our clients enjoy. Snooker is a game of tactics, skill, precision and concentration--skills our customers appreciate. The same skills we use when we develop new products," said Naz Usmani, vice president of sales at Amp'ed RF. He noticed that since the Amp'ed RF logo has been seen on Sharav's waist coat, the company has received many inquiries and requests from technology business in China.

Sharav encourages his students and new friends in China to watch snooker, "It's a thrilling game, the pressure makes it exciting."

Amp'ed RF products include: Wi-Fi modules, Bluetooth modules, combo modules, Bluetooth Smart/BLE modules and video modules.

"Our video modules would make streaming of snooker games easier and glitch-free," said Naz Usmani.

Amp'ed RF technology is available directly or through Arrow Electronics.

About Amp'ed RF

Amp'ed RF was founded in San Jose, California in 2009 and quickly grew to an international provider of wireless chips, modules, system integration and protocol stacks with facilities co-located in Tianjin, China and San Jose, California. The company offers a vast range of low-cost, high-quality ICs and modules.

About Eden Sharav

Eden Sharav learned snooker at snooker clubs when he was a teen and was encouraged by his mother. In 2015, he qualified for the World Snooker Tour by completing and competing at Q School. He now enjoys his second term on a 2 year tour card from the WPBSA governing body based in Bristol U.K.

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