Anti-Theft System Using Video Doorbell Technology for Cars, Trucks Announced

GPS, glass break alarm and camera combine in dFence's D3 package to reduce vehicle thefts and “smash-and-grabs”.

Innovative Aftermarket Group, Inc. (IAG) recently announced the nationwide launch of its revolutionary d3 complete vehicle surveillance system, which gives car and truck owners security capabilities never before available. The d3 system, like other products in IAG’s dFence® product line, is sold exclusively through automobile and truck dealers.

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According to Tony Avila, IAG founder and CEO, car thefts are at the highest levels seen in over a decade. Equally concerning, “smash-and-grabs” – in which a thief breaks a window and reaches inside to steal personal property – are on the rise, in part because conventional alarm systems are powerless to deter them. “People assume their car’s security system will sound an alarm when a window is broken, but it doesn’t. So we’ve spent years developing our d3 system to deter thieves not only by sounding a glass break alarm, but by letting the vehicle owner remotely activate a high-intensity strobe. And if that doesn’t scare him off, the d3 repeatedly captures his photo when he reaches inside the vehicle.” He added, “With what’s going on in America’s streets and neighborhoods today, the d3 system is arriving not a moment too soon. It’s to vehicles what video doorbells are to homes.”

The d3 system consists of three key components:

1. GPS tracking. The instant a vehicle armed with d3 system is moved, the owner will receive a text notification. If the owner suspects a theft is in process, he or she can activate a high-intensity strobe to deter the thief from following through with the theft. If the vehicle is stolen, the owner can use the d3 app to track its movement in real-time and share a link with law enforcement and help them recover the vehicle within minutes.

2. Glass break alarm. The d3 system’s piercing alarm will often scare the thief off before anything can be stolen, and activating the strobe further deters the theft. The instantaneous text alert also allows the owner to call law enforcement and possibly observe the fleeing thief.

3. Camera. The instant the thief breaks a window or gets into the front seat, the d3’s Bluetooth infrared camera will repeatedly his photo and transmit the photos to the vehicle owner. These photos can help law enforcement not only apprehend but prosecute the thief.

The d3 app also has an SOS option that lets the owner quickly transmit the vehicle’s location, speed, and designated contacts with one touch of a button in the event of an emergency.

The d3 system, which also offers many benefits for vehicle dealers, is broadly supported throughout by country by 4G LTE coverage.

For additional information, please contact Colin Avila at or (877) 842-4477.

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