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Anyong Biotechnology's Locally Sourced 'Santé Silver Perch Essence' Fulfilling Increasing Demand in The APAC Wellness Industry

Anyong Biotechnology's Locally Sourced 'Santé Silver Perch Essence' Fulfilling Increasing Demand in The APAC Wellness Industry

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan, Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan-based Anyong Biotechnology, has created a locally-sourced Santé Silver Perch Essence out of ecologically farmed, certified, and traceable silver perch in major markets such as Taiwan, the United States, Singapore, and Malaysia. As consumers' demands have for the product in the health and wellness industry are increasing, Anyong Biotechnology has developed a product from the nutrition-filled sea bass essence to maximize the benefits of sea bass on the human body.

The company has found its own golden ratio after consistent experimentation in the laboratory, which is not just on sea bass soup, but also extracted from various parts of the sea bass to create the incredible, bio-beneficial Silver Perch Essence.

Anyong Biotechnology's 'Santé Silver Perch Essence' is safe, scalable and in-demand

The global wellness economy was valued at $4.9 trillion in 2019 and is projected to have a 9.9% average annual growth, with the wellness economy predicted to reach nearly $7.0 trillion in 2025.

The Santé Silver Perch Essence has been confirmed by research to have incredible nutritional value with a higher absorption efficiency rate. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids and small molecule peptides which can be directly absorbed into the small intestine. It can also be used as a fast and effective supplement for all kinds of people from pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who require sufficient nutrition during pregnancy and postnatal nourishment, as well as patients who are recovering from an operation. The Silver Perch Essence is equally beneficial to sports players, office workers, and those who face difficulties in absorbing nutrients and vitamins.

Anyong Biotechnology has selected the Santé Silver Perch Essence with its production and sales history while ensuring that the source is non-toxic and safe to pass. The fish fingerlings are farmed from the Gaoping area with the cooperations and collaborations with high-quality local operators as well as young farmers. The result is a complete process of quality control from production, feed, and breeding which is used to enhance the resistance of aquatic products with probiotics. Furthermore, it has also been tested for no drug residues to ensure safety.

Development through an award-winning technology

Sticking with their principles of serving fresh food, Anyong Biotechnology uses a technology called CAS which enables a long-term storage of freshness for perch. This process was initially impossible with just conventional quick freezing.

Anyong Biotechnology combines CAS's rapid freezing and fresh-keeping technology with the technological advantages of its parent group Topco, and uses biotechnology procedures to extract the nutritional essence of fish meat, fish bones, and fish scales, and decompose them into small molecular peptides and amino groups.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has recognized the Santé Silver Perch Essence for relieving physical fatigue resulting in Anyong Biotechnology winning the Gold Award of European Quality Evaluation Award for five consecutive years. The company has also won the "Healthy Fresh Sea Bass Essence", Taiwan's first Gold Award-winning sea bass essence product.

About Anyong Biotechnology

Anyong Biotechnology mission is to provide the highest level of aquatic food processing technology with a more stringent production environment, more advanced production facilities, and better-trained staff to serve clients seeking an aquatic food processing contractor at home or abroad, so as to contribute to the promotion of food quality and safety.

The company delivers a framework for food safety that incorporates everything from development and manufacturing to supply and distribution. Anyong Biotechnology's state-of-the-art fishery and seafood processing plant maintains a strict inspection procedure via its food safety centers, which monitor safety from the origin to the dining table every step of the way.

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