Aomaijia e-commerce platform transforms how Australian brands connect with and track Chinese customers

SYDNEY, Sep 11, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - One of China's fastest-growing e-commerce platforms Aomaijia launched an Australian sourcing office in Sydney last week, and signed agreements with leading local brands Sukin, Kids Smart, NESTLE Australia, and TASMAN UGG, who'll join fellow brands Swisse and Blackmores in becoming available across China with the Aomaijia e-commerce platform.

Chinese online retail platform Aomaijia launched an Australian sourcing office in Sydney on Sept 5, having signed agreements with local brands Sukin, Kids Smart, NESTLE Australia, and TASMAN UGG.

Aomaijia Group chief executive Ms. Meggie Liu said the new platform aims to give suppliers control of their branding in China, as well as control over distribution and sales volumes.

Aomaijia has developed China's most innovative e-commerce platform, not simply selling foreign-made products to Chinese end users, but providing an entire suite of services to deliver products from the supplier through the supply chain to sales channels and customer delivery - cutting out agents and maintaining better control of branding and distribution in the world's largest market.

Speaking at the Sydney Roadshow, Aomaijia Group CEO Ms. Meggie Liu said, "Aomaijia distinguishes itself by only dealing directly with manufacturers, or their appointed agencies. The Aomaijia platform was created to give suppliers, like those in Australia, control of their branding in China, as well as control over distribution, sales volumes and ultimately their profits.

"Unlike China's two best-known online retail platforms Taobao and T-Mall, 90% of the products on the Aomaijia platform belong to international brands. This differentiates the Aomaijia platform, which is dedicated to supporting the branding strategy of international manufacturers," said Ms.Liu.

"Other online trading platforms allow overseas companies to connect quickly with millions of Chinese consumers; but they have significant limitations. The biggest drawback is that online malls sell many products through second-hand agents, who in many cases may not be appointed by the producer. They generate sales but the trade-off is a loss of control in branding, distribution and retail pricing."

Australian brands will not only benefit from access to China's most sophisticated retail e-commerce platform, but from Aomaijia's entire suite of services, from supply chain financing and management through to technical services such as tracking end users with tailor-made CRM solutions.

Aomaijia's business to consumer (B2C) sales work on three platforms: a mobile phone app, an online retail site, and a sales program operated on the WeChat platform. Aomaiji has 14 physical stores as well in key locations across China's major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Zhuhai and Wuxi. Aomaijia has an aggressive rollout strategy, with plans to open nearly 100 stores nationwide in the coming year.

Aomaijia calls its retail outlets Dual-line Stores, which helps customers to enjoy an efficient shopping experience. Aomaijia's platform allows customers to track individual products across the supply chain from entry into China to the Dual-line point-of-sale. This gives Chinese consumers absolute confidence that they are purchasing genuine products through proper channels.

Established in 2015 in Guangdong, Aomaijia launched its online platform the following year. In first half year of 2019, Aomaijia's total customer base grew more than 200% and it now has more than 30 million registered users across its three digital platforms. In total, Aomaijia sells more than 100,000 product lines across 3,000 individual brands.

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