Are you a private-hire driver? Here's how the Uber and Grab merger will affect you

Ride-hailing service Uber has sold its Southeast Asian business to its rival Grab. This includes Uber's food delivery business too.

From April 8, all Uber services - ride-sharing and food delivery - will be integrated into Grab's platform and passengers will need to download the Grab app in order to book rides or order food delivery.

As for existing Uber drivers, here's how the acquisition will affect them.

Uber drivers will become Grab drivers

Uber's operations will become part of Grab in Southeast Asia, which includes countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Existing Uber drivers, including Uber taxi drivers, can continue to drive for work for two weeks while Grab onboards them onto the Grab platform. Uber drivers are encouraged to start their registration process with Grab as soon as they can, to ensure that they can continue to drive after Uber service closes.

Grab claims that these drivers will now enjoy greater earning potential with a larger Grab network and bigger pool of passengers.

Grab also said all Uber driver account information, including past history and ratings, will be transferred to Grab.

No changes to driver incentives

There will be no changes for existing Grab drivers. The benefits and incentives structure will remain the same too. Uber will pay drivers for the fares and corresponding incentives from the rides picked up using the Uber Partner app.

Earnings will not be affected

Grab said in its FAQ that because Uber passengers will now be transiting to the Grab platform, this means there'll be more passengers, less waiting time and more earnings for drivers.

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