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Artilux Demonstrates New Breakthrough for Multi Spectral Optical Sensing

Artilux Demonstrates New Breakthrough for Multi Spectral Optical Sensing

Announcing world's 1st ultra-sensitive CMOS-based SWIR sensing platform to advance versatile applications development in wearables for digital health

  • Artilux present the industry-leading CMOS-based SWIR sensing module featuring GeSi technology with compact form factor and ultra-low power.
  • The new all-in-one sensing platform satisfies immediate market needs for solutions covering versatile event, vital sign monitoring and skin detection for true wireless stereo (TWS) and wearable devices
  • Demonstration aims to accelerate the ecosystem growth through cost-effective and multi-spectral optical sensing solutions for digital health applications

HSINCHU, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Artilux, the leader in CMOS-based SWIR optical sensing technology, demonstrated a multi-spectral optical sensing platform compatible with NIR/SWIR vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays, light emitting diodes (LED), and CMOS-based GeSi (Germanium-Silicon) sensors. This compact optical sensing platform is the industry-leading solution targeted to embrace the rapidly growing TWS and wearables markets in addition to unlock diversified scenarios in digital health.

In light of the increasingly popular wide spectrum (NIR/SWIR) optical sensing applications starting from vital sign monitoring in smartwatches to skin detection in TWS earbuds, cost-effective and energy-efficient optical components including LED, VCSEL, edge-emitting lasers, and SWIR sensors have become the crucial factors to meet such rising user demands. The widely discussed skin detection function in TWS earbuds requires SWIR sensors to perform precise in-ear detection and to deliver seamless listening experiences, while at the same time sustaining long battery life. Such product requires SWIR wavelength, lower power-consumption, lower cost, smaller size with higher sensitivity. The announcement aims to deliver a compact and cost-effective multi-spectral optical sensing solution, by incorporating Artilux's CMOS-based ultra-sensitive SWIR GeSi sensors with the capability to integrate AFE (analog front end) and digital function into a single chip, together with high-performance VCSEL arrays at 940nm and 1380nm supplied by Lumentum.

"We are pleased to work with Lumentum on this demonstration for the multi-spectral optical sensing industry," said Elvis Lin, General Manager of Business Operation and Product at Artilux. "Through continuous technology innovations, a variety of wide spectrum NIR/SWIR applications are being adopted into the mainstream consumer product. To address this rapidly growing market, we have launched the Artilux Aware Series as the best cost-competitive SWIR optical sensing platform, which will complement nicely with both VCSEL and LED to enable in-ear and skin detection for TWS and wearables. We are looking forward to serving this booming SWIR market in the near future."

"We are excited to work with customers like Artilux to expand the use of VCSEL technology," commented David Cheskis, Lumentum Director of Product Line Management, 3D Sensing. "Since developing the first high-volume VCSEL array manufacturing capabilities for NIR 3D Sensing applications, we continue to innovate next-generation technologies and solutions for emerging consumer applications. Our 1380nm VCSEL demonstration is a key milestone as the SWIR market evolves with new sensor technologies."

Through the popularity in the demand of TWS earbuds and smartwatches, hearables and wearables are expected to become more human-centric, with more built-in non-invasive biosensing functions in the future. Consequently, SWIR sensing offers optical characteristics, including diversified biometric detection, materials identification, better eye-safety compliance, low interference, and more, is poised to play the key role in the differentiations of hearables and wearables on the markets. Driven by the technological innovations and deep market understanding, Artilux is expanding the ecosystem, by delivering compact and cost-effective CMOS based SWIR sensing solutions from 850nm to 1550nm, working with LED, VCSEL and EEL components to improve multiple legacy and offer new features including heart rate, blood oxygen measurement, hearing and sleep aid, blood lipid, and even blood alcohol and glucose levels monitoring in the future, empowering an ever-prospering ecosystem of multi-spectral sensing and imaging for consumer and digital health markets.

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