Artprice by ArtMarket Presents the Top 25 Street Artists: Banksy's Success in Not a Market Anomaly

Artprice by ArtMarket Presents the Top 25 Street Artists: Banksy's Success in Not a Market Anomaly

PARIS, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With a new auction record of $12.2 million hammered at the beginning of October, street artist Banksy definitely stands out on the Art Market. But don't forget that earlier this year, in April, Kaws – another artist from the graffiti scene – reached a new record of $14.8 million in Hong Kong. And what about Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring?

(Left) Annual auction turnovers of Banksy, Haring and Kaws (Right) Kaws - Untitled (SM1) (2000) - $176,500, SBI Art Auction Tokyo, 3-12-2018(C)Kaws
(Left) Annual auction turnovers of Banksy, Haring and Kaws (Right) Kaws - Untitled (SM1) (2000) - $176,500, SBI Art Auction Tokyo, 3-12-2018(C)Kaws

Despite Banksy's incognito status, Street Art is no longer an anonymous art form; who hasn't heard of Sherpard Fairey (Obey) or Invaders? Who doesn't know Stik's little men? From the Berlin Wall to Wynwood (Miami), Street Art is not only tolerated by local authorities, it has become an attraction and even a 'must-see' for tourists. For the Art Market, the street has become a kind of hothouse incubator.

thierry Ehrmann, founder /CEO of and its Artprice department: "Long considered an illegal practice, Street Art has become the height of luxury and is now collected by movie stars : Brad Pitt, Pharrell Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio. Basquiat sometimes repainted the walls of his friends'  apartments… Who would complain about that today? It's in the nature of man – and especially of political authorities – to complain first, and then, after observing the reactions of amateurs and professionals to finally accept. The Art Market is usually well ahead of public recognition. There's an obvious parallel with the history of the Abode of Chaos,'s head office, which is following a similar path. Now a cutting edge Contemporary Art Museum, its vision is perfectly captured in Julien Bouisset's latest article in the French Magazine Nouvel Observateur: The Abode of Chaos, a prototype of tomorrow's museum".

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The 75 edition of France's Special Journal of Companies (Journal spécial des Sociétés) explores the legal landscape surrounding Street Art with an issue entitled "Street Art at the crossroads of the Law" (Le street art au carrefour des droits). In her introductory article, Françoise Labarthe explains: "Today, the notion of Street Art or Urban Art is no longer solely linked to its physical location. It has become a 'movement', a way of expressing oneself. Indeed, an artist can be described as a street artist without having ever painted in the street. The notion has become completely flexible, applying to work that is now exposed in galleries and is the subject of "Urban Art Fairs", crossing from criminal and delinquent to legal… from stigma and disapproval to recognition... from the ephemeral to the perennial."

The same edition contains an interview with street artist Miss.Tic who, in answer to the question "Do you think Urban Art still has a transgressive or clandestine nature?" says "Like all movements, at first they are transgressive, then they become official. I was part of the transgressive phase, but today, Street Art has lost this dimension. Of course, the content can be subversive… my thoughts can be too... but street painting is only subversive if it steps beyond the acceptable, without prior permission"... adding, "The street can act as a spotlight; but today it has also become a market and an economy."

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Top 25 street art / graffiti artists at auction in 2019*

*from 01/01/2019 to 20/10/2019

Artist - Country of origin - Auction Turnover (2019 *)

  1. Jean-Michel BASQUIAT - United States - $93,849,000
  2. KAWS - United States - $90,305,600
  3. Keith HARING - United States - $26,445,400
  4. BANKSY - United Kingdom - $24,594,500
  5. INVADER - France - $1,507,800
  6. STIK - United Kingdom - $1,184,800
  7. JONONE - United States - $710,700
  8. Shepard FAIREY - United States      - $623,300
  9. FUTURA 2000 - United States - $328,300
  10. MR BRAINWASH - France - $258,800
  11. VHILS - Portugal - $204,300
  12. BLEK THE RAT - France - $174,500
  13. RETNA - United States - $145,100
  14. JR - France - $125,800
  15. CRASH - United States - $117,900
  16. SPEEDY GRAPHITO - France - $109,400
  17. A-ONE - United States - $99,300
  18. SEEN - United States- $65,000
  19. C215 - France - $60,000
  20. QUIK - United States - $54,700
  21. FAILE - United States - $49,800
  22. ZHANG Dali - China - $ 31,300
  23. D * FACE - United Kingdom - $21,700
  24. SWOON - United States - $20,300
  25. COPE2 - United States - $17,600

This ranking of street artists by their 2019 auction turnover highlights a market in full expansion:

  • Kaws is now almost as powerful as Basquiat on the secondary market
  • Invader and Stik have both generated over $1million since the beginning of the year
  • American street artists dominate sales, ahead of English and French artists
  • Zhang Dali brings China to the international street art scene

Zhang Dali is currently taking part in an exhibition titled From China with love at Galerie Danysz in Paris (until 30 November 2019).

Exhibition link:

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