Ascletis-developed Ganovo Acquired Extraordinary Achievement

Ascletis-developed Ganovo Acquired Extraordinary Achievement
Ganovo Phase III Clinical Study Won the Top Award at the Infectious Disease National Congress of Chinese Medical Association

HONG KONG, Jul 31, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - Ascletis announced on July 30, 2018 that the Ganovo phase III clinical study won the top clinical research award at the 15th National Congress of Chinese Society of the Infectious Disease of the China Medical Association. Professor Wei Lai, the Director of the Institute of Hepatology of Peking University, also the principal investigator of Ganovo's clinical trial, was pleased to accept this award based on a unanimous vote by a professional reviewing committee convened by top national experts. The awarded paper won the highest scientific merits out of 577 conference papers submitted this year. Ganovo regimen demonstrated excellent results of a cure rate of 97 percent (SVR12) in genotype 1 non-cirrhotic patients, within a 12-week treatment duration.

Professor Wei Lai said, "This award showcased the outstanding recognition to Ganovo from the China Medical Association (CMA) and KOL's endorsement to China-driven self-innovation encouraged by the fast growth of the China bio-tech industry in recent years. As the first Direct-acting Anti-viral Agent (DAA) developed and launched successfully by a domestic company in China, Ganovo has shown excellent efficacy, better safety and tolerability. I sincerely hope Ganovo will make a larger impact and significant contribution to the elimination of HCV disease in China."

The National Congress of Chinese Society of the Infectious Disease is the largest and most influential academic conference in China. It attracted more than 2,000experts and doctors who participated in the conference this year from July 26-29. The award further reinforces the medical community's confidence in Ganovo's excellent efficacy, better safety and tolerability, strong commitment to high quality drugs, and service to Chinese patients delivered by Ascletis as a local innovative biotech company.

The Launching Conference for Gonovo, China's Indigenous Anti-hepatitis C Virus Innovative Drug was Held in Beijing

The launching conference for Ganovo (Danoprevir sodium tablets), China's indigenous anti-hepatitis C innovative drug was held at the China National Convention Center days ago. Such move has helped breaking the monopoly of Chinese the hepatitis C small molecular antiviral drugs by the international pharmaceutical giants.

Such drug has been developed by Ascletis Pharmaceutical (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative drugs against hepatitis C virus (HCV), AIDS (HIV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV). Ascletis currently has five programs of antiviral drug discovery and development.

On June 8th, the Ascletis-developed Ganovo, China's first anti-hepatitis C class 1 innovative drug was launched with the approval by the China Food & Drug Administration. On June 27th, just 19 days later, Dr. Li Lanjuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of State Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and initiator of Shulan Healthcare, issued the first Ganovo prescription. According to the follow-up examinations, the hepatitis C virus RNA has not been detected during the one-month treatment of the patient.

At the launching conference for Ganovo product, Dou Xiaoguang, a professor at Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University, introduced the development process and characteristics of Ganovo (Danoprevir sodium tablets). She mentioned that the efficacy, resistance barrier and safety of Danoprevir are more advantageous than the Generation I, bringing hope for cure for hepatitis C patients in China.

Dr. Wu Jinzi, the specially-appointed expert of "the Recruitment Program of Global Experts", told reporters that the vision of the Ascletis is to become a world-class biotechnology company dedicated to meet the untapped medical needs in the three major areas of antiviral, cancer and fatty liver disease.

--- the source of the second part of the article is Xinhua News

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