Asia Online Re-Launches Big Community News Portal as Disruptive Tech Asean

South Asia's leading source of Big Data and AI related news expands its brief to cover all technologies that drive digital disruption.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Nov. 22, 2018 /PRNeswire/ -- Asia Online Publishing Group Sdn Bhd (AOPG), South East Asia's leading independent publisher of Enterprise IT News Portals is pleased to announce that the Big Community News Portal which provided focused news on Big Data, IoT and AI has been relaunched as Disruptive Tech Asean (

Melina Hwang, AOPG General Manager
Melina Hwang, AOPG General Manager

As the world is in the process of digital transformation, cutting edge IT news publisher AOPG is no different. Their value is to provide focused IT news and content that keeps them informed on the technology that matters to their business. 

Big Community was launched with a very specific focus on Big Data. It served the very valuable purpose of informing and educating people on a technology which at the time was new and relatively mis-understood. Today Big Data is just one of a number of disruptive technologies that IT professionals and business leaders need to understand. People are thirsty for more news and information especially on areas like AI, Machine Learning, RPA, Autonomous Vehicles, IoT and Drone technology. These are all critical for businesses to survive. 

The rebranded Disruptive Tech Asean will fulfil this important need. 

Melina Hwang, General Manager at AOPG explained the need for the change. "The world is having the biggest phase of IT and Digital transformation we have ever seen. At the time we launched Big Community 4 years ago supported by MDEC, Big Data was a technology on the rise with IT and business people alike hungry for news and information on that subject.  

Fast forward to today and Big Data is just one of many new technologies that companies need to understand implement. The new branding is a recognition that our readers are hungry to be informed about all enterprise technology that enables digital business."

Disruptive Tech Asean will report and inform on the endless wave of new and changing enterprise technologies that businesses need to understand and implement to support their digital evolution ambitions. This also breathes new life to the collaboration that AOPG have with MDEC. 

According to Hwang, the support from and collaboration with MDEC will continue. "We are pleased that our new focus is very much in line with MDEC's charter to bring together the digital economy eco system. The new branding and focus of the portal allow us to cover all the technology that will contribute to Malaysia's digital economy." 

Over the years, this collaboration has involved AOPG organising numerous events for students and professionals to learn about MDEC initiatives and get educated on new technologies that MDEC identified as important to the development of the nation's digital economy.

Dr Karl Ng, Director of the Data Economy Division at MDEC commented, "I am delighted to see the progression of this news portal we have supported from the time of its launch back in 2015. A vibrant and informative IT press is an important part of the entire eco system. AOPG not only reports on what's happening but are also hands on in driving initiatives that help educate students through to professionals. I am looking forward to the programs they will run for the ecosystem and also to them giving news coverage to local Malaysian success stories in the disruptive technology space."

Chris Greenough, the Vice President for Product Marketing and Strategy at leading Conversational AI Company Hyperlab, confirmed the need for local specialist press who can cover new tech with deep understanding. "Having local publications that truly understand how new technologies are shaping business today and can dedicate as much coverage to local innovators as they do large global players, is really important for developing a strong ecosystem. We wish AOPG the best of luck as they continue to develop compelling and relevant news for transformational businesses."

Hwang concluded, "The digital world is in transformation and our business at AOPG is not immune. This relaunch is an exciting development in our own journey and I believe the appeal of will spread even wider across both IT and Line of business professionals."

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