Asian Data Roaming Startup Establishing Presence in 14 US Airport Stores

PERTH, Australia, Aug. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Affordable international data roaming is no longer a pipe dream for Americans, thanks to Southeast Asian based telecommunications startup Flexiroam. Their flagship product, Flexiroam X, was launched in 2016 and consists of an ultra-thin microchip that can be applied onto users' pre-existing SIM card and subsequently activated through a mobile app. It allows users to enjoy borderless data in over 100 countries, without ever having to change their SIM card. Flexiroam's roaming service provides one of the best balances between price and convenience compared to other roaming solutions in the market.

SEA-based telecommunications startup Flexiroam breaks into the US market through partnership which provides access to 14 airport stores
SEA-based telecommunications startup Flexiroam breaks into the US market through partnership which provides access to 14 airport stores

Flexiroam X is already making waves in the Asian market, with over 130,000 subscribers as of June 2017. Flexiroam has just signed a partnership deal with Bluwire Group LLC, the leading retailer of technology products in international airports throughout the United States. Flexiroam X will be sold in 14 airport stores, spread across 7 international airports located in New York, Newark, Houston, Dulles, Denver, Minneapolis and Atlanta. This partnership will see Flexiroam X becoming accessible to over 350 million people traveling through these airports, helping Flexiroam break into the US market. Flexiroam X will also be exclusively sold, making it the only data product sold in these retail stores.

Jef Ong, the Managing Director of Flexiroam, added "This is a landmark partnership for Flexiroam, as it provides our product access into the US market through some of the busiest airports in America. Frequent travellers would get to enjoy affordable, borderless connectivity without having to worry about changing SIM cards. Through this added visibility in American airports, we anticipate sales of Flexiroam X to increase in North America and our partners such as Bluwire benefiting from being early movers in this space."

About Flexiroam

Founded in 2011, Flexiroam is an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: FRX) listed telecommunications company that provides borderless data roaming in over 100 countries with 4G speed in over 56 countries. Flexiroam has garnered over 580 network partnerships as well as high profile affiliates such as Korean Air, Grab, UnionPay and TripAdvisor . The company offers peace of mind to travellers, removing the worry of exorbitant data charges or the hassle of buying local SIM cards in every country, while maintaining an asset light business model. More Information:

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