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Asia's Biggest Virtual Career Fair by JobsDB to feature over 90 multinational giants and local enterprises, celebrity speakers and free one-month trial online IT courses for job seekers

Asia's Biggest Virtual Career Fair by JobsDB to feature over 90 multinational giants and local enterprises, celebrity speakers and free one-month trial online IT courses for job seekers

HONG KONG, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- As organizations look to a digital-first future, the rapidly changing market landscape has given rise to a growing demand for talent to help navigate the transformation. According to JobsDB's latest job advertisement data, in 2021, IT-related job vacancies recorded an increase of 35% year-on-year, placing such roles as one of the three most sought-after job functions.

Asia’s Biggest Virtual Career Fair
Asia’s Biggest Virtual Career Fair

In response to intensifying digitalization trends, SEEK Asia, the parent company of JobsDB, has partnered with Tech in Asia to host Asia's Biggest Virtual Career Fair for three days from 9 to 11 March 2022. Connecting corporations and recruiters from six countries and regions, including 90 multinational giants and local companies from various industries in Hong Kong, the event will also feature a prolific lineup of guest speakers who will be sharing their insights on the latest tech trends at daily webinars and digital skills masterclasses.

Over 90 large-scale enterprises from various industries recruiting candidates for an expansive range of both emerging and traditional job functions

Apart from investing in the e-commerce and logistics sector over the pandemic, more and more companies are jumping on the metaverse, augmented/ virtual reality and technological bandwagon to harness zero-contact business opportunities, which has in turn created more emerging job functions. In view of this, JobsDB has invited more than 90 multinational giants, local market-leading enterprises and start-ups to participate in the virtual career fair, including the globally renowned Nestlé Hong Kong Limited; the ubiquitous Hong Kong e-commerce platform HKTVmall; food delivery experts Deliveroo Hong Kong Limited; express logistics service provider S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited; and The Hong Kong Jockey Club, a world-class racing club that is also one of the world's top ten charity donors. On top of offering tech-related positions, these companies and organizations will also be hiring accounting, marketing and finance-related personnel and more for both frontline and back-office functions.

In tune with the theme of digital technology, the event will take place in a seamlessly virtual environment with a real-time online interactive platform that enables job seekers to communicate with, and even take interviews from recruiters anytime and anywhere on their mobile devices.

Webinars and digital workshops on hottest trending topics to help job seekers explore additional career opportunities

During the three-day fair, JobsDB will host webinars by A-grade guest speakers and digital skills masterclasses daily. Featuring star speakers from tech unicorns, startups and prominent enterprises, including Samuel Hui, Co-Owner and Chief Transformation Officer of HKBN Group; John Tsang, Founder of Esperanza; Zaf Chow, Director of Digital Strategy and Partnerships at blockchain gaming company Animoca Brands; and HKTV's Group Head of Talent Acquisition and Learning Jimmy Lee, the sessions will cover an array of topics from essential tips to land a job to the latest trends that can help professionals upgrade their skills in a growing digital world.

The webinars will let potential candidates in on the features and prospects of various industries and address topics such as cloud businesses, artificial intelligence (AI), the metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), e-commerce, digital transformation and upskilling for a thorough understanding on the industry's insights. Practical knowledge, including user interface, user experience, blockchain and big data, will also be offered through daily masterclasses (please refer to appendix 1).

"Companies have begun to digitize and automate their businesses to adapt to the new normal. Technologies such as blockchain and AI have impacted all walks of life, while 'Web 3.0' is expected to stay on everyone's lips, leading to a surging market demand for digital talents. No matter what they specialize in, candidates with relevant digital knowledge will certainly be one step ahead in the workplace.

Because of this current trend, we're hosting Asia's Biggest Virtual Career Fair, with a series of webinars and workshops to provide employees with the most up-to-date information and career advice for professionals to thrive in digital technology. Job seekers can thus actively equip themselves for the long haul, or even career switches," said Mr. Bill Lee, Managing Director of JobsDB Hong Kong.

Register now to avail of this valuable opportunity to make a career switch, and secure free one-month pass to online course and 1:1 Interview Prep Session

Candidates from all industries are welcome to join Asia's Biggest Virtual Career Fair. Job seekers who successfully register online will get to experience a free one-month trial course (HK$299 worth) *, courtesy of FevaWorks. Candidates are eligible to select the course according to their areas of interests and needs to acquire relevant knowledge in digital technology. Job seekers who apply for jobs during this fair stands a chance to win a free one-on-one career consultation (HK$4,000 worth) *, which will cover job interview tips and industry trends. Please refer to the event website for more information. (*Offers are subject to relevant terms and conditions.)

For the latest information about JobsDB Asia's Biggest Virtual Career Fair for Digital Technology, please visit

JobsDB wishes all job seekers success in finding the perfect job!

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Appendix 1: Details of Webinars and Masterclasses in Hong Kong region


9 March 2022(Wednesday)

10 March 2022(Thursday)

11 March 2022(Friday)


Upskilling to future-proof career in the Digital Era

Latest Tech Trends and Job Markets for Traditional and Emerging roles

Companies with Successful DX and the Job Roles behind it


Webinar (1)


Title: Are you VUCA - ready?


Guest: John Tsang, Founder, Esperanza



Webinar (4)


Title: Understanding NFT & Metaverse and its career trend


Guest: Zaf Chow, Director of Digital Strategy and Partnerships, Animoca Brands


Webinar (5)


Title: Web3, Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain...: Are you ready for change?


Guest: Raymond Hung, CTO and co-founder, UCOLLEX International Limited

Webinar (8)


Title: The New Normal – Work Re-imagined


Guest: Samuel Hui, Co-Owner and Chief Transformation Officer, HKBN



Webinar (2)


Title: Upskilling & Reskilling to Thrive in Web3


Guest: Tommie Lo, Founder & CEO, Preface Education

Webinar (6)


Title: AI drives business values and your competitive advantages


Guest: Ivan Ng, Chief Executive Officer, Lively Impact Technology Limited


Webinar (9)


Title: Team & Tech, Not one less


Guest: Benny Liu, CEO, HK Decoman Technology Limited



Webinar (3)


Title: Redefining Talents for the Future of Work: Discover and Upskill an untapped pool of Talents in Hong Kong


Guest: Brian Cheng, Chief Executive Officer, Generation Hong Kong


Webinar (7)


Title: New Era of Technology Venture in Ecommerce 


Guest: Jimmy Lee, Group Head of Talent Acquisition and Learning, Hong Kong Technology Venture Company Limited (HKTV); Daniel Cheng, Senior Product Manager, Hong Kong Technology Venture Company Limited (HKTV)

Webinar (10)


Title: Opportunities of Digital Transformation in HK


Guest: Franco Lan, General Manager, VMware Hong Kong Limited



 MasterClass (1)


Title: Stepping Up Your Career by UI/UX Design


Guest: Kent Chan,Senior Lecturer, FevaWorks IT Education Centre

MasterClass (2)


Title: Blockchain Explained and Its Impact on the Future of Business


Guest: Tommie Lo, Founder & CEO, Preface Education


MasterClass (3)


Title: Welcome to Big Data -  How Power BI helps you to get more


Guest: Herman Chan, Senior Lecturer, FevaWorks IT Education Centre

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