Aspire Capital Helps Singapore Go Green

How small businesses can make a difference

SINGAPORE, Oct. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Singapore evisions itself as a zero-waste nation. While the direction we are moving in is right, our recycling rate still stands at 61%[1] compared to San Francisco's (US) 80% as a comparison - and that means lots of work still needs to be done. Some small businesses like NATHAN WORLDWIDE RECYCLING PTE. LTD. are helping and making a difference.

NATHAN WORLDWIDE RECYCLING PTE. LTD. is a small business started by Mr. Abdul Rashid AKA Shanker s/o Thirumanathan and Mr. Thirumanathan s/o Raja Gopal in 2016. The company is collecting metal and paper scrap from the streets of Singapore for then selling this waste to recycling companies. Moreover, the company is creating income for the elderly by buying recyclable waste from them. The impact is real: help Singapore go green, convert waste to cash and create jobs for the elderly.

In August 2018, Aspire Capital launched a lending program to support small businesses in the recycling industry with working capital financing at affordable rates. One of the first companies to take advantage of the program is NATHAN WORLDWIDE RECYCLING PTE. LTD. This funding will help the business to increase the collection of recyclables by up to 30%.

"I'm excited about Singapore vision to become a zero-waste nation and wanted to create something that could add value to my community and my neighbors, so I started my company," said Mr. Abdul Rashid, Director - Nathan Worldwide Recycling.

"We are happy to support Mr. Abdul and other small recycling businesses with fast and simple working capital financing to help them make Singapore a greener place," said Andrea Baronchelli, CEO - Aspire Capital.

About Aspire Capital

We started Aspire with one thing in mind, serve small business owners with speed and simplicity -- no long waits, paperwork, or hidden fees like other financial institutions.

At Aspire we want to help small businesses with fast access to funding and accessible financial education to help them make the right financial decisions.

We are headquartered Singapore and backed by leading venture capital firms and private investors. We are proud to enable small businesses to grow and thrive with our services.

More information about us is available here.

Small businesses can access simple working capital via Aspire Capital website here.

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