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Aspire Leaderboard 2020: Assentis positioned as a leader in CCM

Aspire Leaderboard 2020: Assentis positioned as a leader in CCM GlobeNewswire June 18, 2020

Aspire, a research company specializing in Customer Communication Management (CCM), has just updated the CCM Leaderboard for 2020, placing Assentis as one of the leaders in CCM in Europe and Asian markets.

ROTKREUZ, Switzerland, June 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aspire has made several adjustments to the analysis criteria in the CCM Leaderboard 2020. Among other changes, the default critical capabilities weighting is now more focused on "communication composition", reflecting its growing importance in the CCM field. This includes capabilities such as interactive creation, digital communication, online design and business authoring. In addition, the market presence in relation to both dimensions, i.e. "Capabilities" and "Strategic Direction" has now been incorporated. Due to these changes and new criteria, a direct comparison with last year's model is not possible. Nevertheless, a detailed analysis shows that Assentis has made the greatest positive year-on-year change, moving from Aspirational to the Leader quadrant.

Assentis ranks among the top 3 in Europe and Asia

The following figure covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and focuses on the "communication composition" capabilities of CCM vendors.

"Figure 1: Leaderboard 2020, Market: Germany, DACH. Capabilities: Communication composition" is available at

Assentis is ranked third and clearly ahead to the next competitor. Compared to last year, Assentis has moved up significantly.

Additionally, in the Asian region (Singapore, Hong Kong), Assentis also ends up in the top quadrant for “communication composition”, as shown in Figure 2.

"Figure 2: Leaderboard 2020, Market: Singapore, Hong Kong. Capabilities: Communication composition" is available at

As per Aspire’s detailed analysis, Assentis has also been judged to be a strong solution, wherein "Cloud Deployment" and "Chat Integration" capabilities are selected in the dynamic filtering options.

Kaspar Roos, CEO of Aspire states in his video analysis:
“Assentis’ product is very strong. It was one of the first companies to move to the Cloud many years ago. In our analysis of the company we’ve seen some really interesting offerings, like secure Chatbot to optimize the way people in the wealth management space are sending personalized data. The company’s vision is strong, and this strength is particularly evident in the financial services space. We’ve come to expect high quality from Swiss-based companies, but Assentis also offers a high level of innovation, which makes it worthy of attention.”

As a final statement, in its “Opinion” section, Aspire concludes with:
“Assentis is a compelling choice for enterprises in regulated industries (and particularly in financial services) looking for a next-generation CCM technology from a reliable, specialized vendor.”

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The Aspire Leaderboard™ is copyrighted by Aspire Customer Communications Services Ltd. and is based on the findings and opinions of Aspire’s consultancy organization. Aspire does not endorse any vendor, product or service included in the Aspire Leaderboard. For tailored RFP support please contact the Aspire team here.

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