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ASSA ABLOY is set to lead smart residential solutions in APAC

ASSA ABLOY is set to lead smart residential solutions in APAC

A strategic innovation roadmap ensures ASSA ABLOY Group has the foresight, resources, and technology to lead the smart home trends in Asia Pacific.

HONG KONG, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The APAC smart homes market is expected to have stable growth, at an estimated CAGR of 16% over the coming years. Besides the wide adoption of smartphones and increased internet connectivity, government policies have a role to play. Government organizations across the region such as China, Japan, Singapore, and India have pledged to develop advanced smart cities which enable smart home applications.

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions APAC is putting customers on track to curate an ecosystem of smart home solutions with its world-renowned residential brand, Yale. The smart home solution starting with smart locks that come with the Yale Access app and can be paired with the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge enables a smooth transition from mechanical to advanced features.

"Our products are at the center of our innovation agenda," says Troy Jackson, Managing Director for Smart Residential and E-Business at ASSA ABLOY Open Solutions APAC. "The smart door lock is a manifestation of ASSA ABLOY's systematic innovation strategy founded on process, product, and organization."

ASSA ABLOY's product innovation process is based on a structured gateway approach in unpacking market and customer insights to identifying opportunities. Product ideas are thoroughly strategized and prototyped to maximize success the first time around.

New products have to be sustainable in terms of material, manufacturing, logistics, and disposal. Next, generation planning staggers the launch of new technologies to hit the market at the right time.

Up to 2,800 research and development employees globally are supporting the evolution of smart products at the ASSA ABLOY Group. A network of engineers and over 9,000 registered patents, trademarks, and designs maintain the company's reputation as a world leader in access solutions. In Asia Pacific, a team of app developers, firmware experts, and cloud engineers based in Shanghai develops and customize smart residential solutions for the region.

These focus areas ensure ASSA ABLOY invests in ideas that are the building blocks of the smart home future.

"Ultimately, it is about delivering consumers peace of mind where consumers trust that their front door is secure while making it easy and convenient to enjoy all the other benefits of smart locks from allowing friends and family access or always knowing whether your door is locked," Jackson added.  

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