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Attraco Unveils New Line of Two Piece Swimwear

Attraco Unveils New Line of  Two Piece Swimwear

Attraco is best known for its protective yet fashionable swimwear styles and is excited about the launch and availability of the newest additions to its swimwear collection.

Attraco launches rash guard swimsuits with solid colors, stripes, florals, and bold and unique patterns.
Attraco launches rash guard swimsuits with solid colors, stripes, florals, and bold and unique patterns.

ONTARIO, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Although Summer is at an end, fashionable swimwear is always needed. Attraco is thrilled to announce the latest additions to their expansive swimwear collection are now available. Women can shop for attractive, exciting swimwear while getting adequate protection from the sun. 

Many department stores and swimwear brands shut down marketing efforts and reduce the stock kept in store in anticipation of the colder months. The days may be getting short and colder in many places around the world, but many people live in climates that stay warm year-round, go on vacation, or have indoor pools available to them. Finding a stylish swimsuit can be a challenge for shoppers in these areas. Attraco creates an elevated online shopping experience for people to find stylish swimwear year-round. 

Shoppers can delight in the impressive collection of swimwear that includes rash gurad swimsuit, functional tops and bottoms, stylish two-piece sets, and more. The selection of styles can appeal to every shopper and are on the cutting edge of fashion. The versatile and diverse range of styles within the collection can complement any skin tone. There's a wide range of rash gurad swimsuit with thin or bulky straps, zip-up fronts for an optional plunging neckline, backless styles, and daring cutouts ready for purchase.

The range of prints and bold colors make the entire line enticing, with suits available in solid colors, stripes, florals, and bold and unique patterns. The Leopard Cropped Split Two Piece Swimsuit is one of many functional, lightweight suits to choose from, with long leaves and UV-blocking fabric to protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun. For shoppers looking for simple colors, Plain Cropped Silhouette Two Pieces offers a unique cut without bold patterns. For the highest protection against the sun, Floral Print Split Pullover Long Sleeve Swimsuit is made from a stretchy fabric that supports dynamic movements, perfect for surfing, swimming, and other outdoor sports. 

Attraco delivers a swimwear brand that encourages people to express their style and fashion sense at the beach, pool, or while enjoying sports and leisure activities outdoors. Their brand is dedicated to developing swimwear made from the highest-quality fabrics and tested to ensure the ultimate in UPF50+ sun-protective clothing. 

About Attraco: Since Attraco was founded in 2014, the company has evolved and improved its swimwear line to meet the many needs of modern swimmers and athletes. Their entire collection allows swimmers to choose suits with rash guards, stylish wetsuits, professional sports swimsuits, and various accessories and apparel, ensuring their customers look and feel great in functional everyday swimwear.

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