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Australian Business Agility Specialist Expands Into North America

Australian Business Agility Specialist Expands Into North America

Former IBM executive Ron Laudadio joins EPiC to grow its international footprint.

SYDNEY and TORONTO, Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Business agility firm EPiC Agile is expanding into the Americas after bringing seasoned industry veteran Ron Laudadio onboard to continue its track record of exponential growth and global expansion.

The move comes as business booms for EPiC, which has grown its headcount by more than 75 per cent this year, as companies worldwide seek out business transformation solutions amid ongoing fallout from the coronavirus crisis.

According to a recent study published by Accenture, more organisations are commencing a business agility journey and those on the journey report greater progress. Year-on-year, overall maturity increased 8 per cent, with companies reporting that a focus on overall business agility gave them greater adaptability when the pandemic struck. [1]

EPiC Agile is a full-service business agility transformation company, with more than 60 coaches through South-East Asia who help companies successfully implement business agility models. Having worked with the likes of Woolworths, Telstra, Cochlear and AfterPay, EPiC's coaches mentor business leaders as they undertake major company transformations, as well as developing bespoke strategies that foster strong workplace culture and modern ways of working. 

Mr Laudadio spent more than two decades in various roles at global computer giant IBM, including as chief technology officer for Canada, before joining consulting firm CGI where he spearheaded agile transformations on various projects. Mr Laudadio has since left CGI and built his own business, training leaders and helping their businesses stay nimble. A major Canadian bank and a North American insurance company are among his clients.

Having witnessed transformations in about 2,000 leaders throughout his career, Mr Laudadio says he has good insight into business strategies that resonate with impact.

"The future of business agility transformation is global, the most effective models impacting the way companies think and organise are in high demand," Mr Laudadio said.

"This is why joining EPiC Agile was a natural fit. perTheir strategic implementation of business agility is unique and will be sought after by business leaders in this region." Mr Laudadio said.

His newly recruited team of eight, to be based in Canada and the US, joins forces with EPiC in the Asia Pacific region.

"We are delighted that Ron is joining our international leadership team as we look to accelerate the momentum we've created across Asia, into the Northern Hemisphere," EPiC co-founder Rob Gaunt said.

Prior to the initial COVID-19 outbreak, EPiC had been growing exponentially as companies sought expertise to keep ahead of what has become a quickly evolving business landscape. Many companies had already realised the importance of staying nimble in the face of rapidly emerging competition and increasingly nomadic customers, and demand for EPiC's business agility transformation coaches has never been greater.

Since launching in 2016, EPiC has built up an impressive business transformation track record, now with more than 60 coaches across three countries through South-East Asia.

About EPiC
EPiC Agile is a full-service business agility transformation company, with more than 60 coaches across three countries in South-East Asia. The company works to help organisations successfully implement business agility models, and mentor business leaders as they pivot to more nimble ways of working. EPiC are people first, multi-tiered and outcome focused, helping businesses embrace modern ways of working at every level, working from the teams all the way up to the c-suite.

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