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AVITA LIBER V notebook wins coveted Red Dot 2021 design award, recognizing the tech-fashion brand’s aim of achieving functional beauty, expression and individualism

AVITA LIBER V notebook wins coveted Red Dot 2021 design award, recognizing the tech-fashion brand’s aim of achieving functional beauty, expression and individualism

LIBER V NEW Collection with fresh color variations and upgrades will be unveiled during this Spring/Summer


HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach  - 14 April 2021 - Consumer Tech-Fashion brand AVITA is delighted to announce its revolutionary notebook series, LIBER V, has been awarded a highly-coveted international design award – the distinctive "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021" which stands for superior design quality. The achievement serves as strong validation for AVITA's mission of creating a highly personal experience for the new generation of fashion-conscious tech users. The brand is committed to staying true to its core technology development philosophy: Liberty, Diversity and Individualism , and for providing an overall exceptional user experience.

CEO & Co-founder of NEXSTGO Company Ltd., Mr. Alex Chung, said, "I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to Red Dot for recognizing AVITA with this year's Product Design award. We strive to honor the principle, Do what the giants can't , and have done our upmost to forge a path all to ourself. We have developed our brand in recent years by smartly stepping outside the norm to connect with style-conscious consumers, for whom image and innovation are vastly important. We design products under the AVITA brand which celebrate people's right to fundamental expression and bring those to a captive global audience. In four short years, we've expanded to offer leading lifestyle-oriented technology products to 22 countries, and we will continue to support the lifestyle needs and desires of our young customer base with further innovations."

Red Dot selected AVITA LIBER V based on its high levels of product design quality, degree of innovation and an overall outstanding design echoing architectural geometry, as well as a wide choice of carefully-crafted color and graphics options. The judges praised the product's cutting-edge camera, portability, screen proportions and Limitless Evolution design ethic created by AVITA as part of its brand development program.

Speaking of the evolutionary design, LIBER V was inspired by the creativity of Ricardo Bofill, the ingenious architect known for his "Visions of Architecture". Referencing his acclaimed work, the avant-garde fortress La Muralla Roja in Spain, LIBER V draws the webcam out of the screen with neat geometric lines, perfectly interpreting the cubic philosophy of postmodernism. The LIBER V series achieves a 78.2% screen-to-body ratio by compacting a 14-inch screen inside the 13.3-inch body; its 3.7mm boundless ultra-narrow bezel is at least 10% slimmer than other products on the market. Each of these elements melds in the careful crafting of one of the most visually arresting and mechanically 'executed to perfection' devices to be released in recent years. Now that exceptional level of craft has been recognized with the bestowing of the desirable international design award for the distinction "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021".

AVITA as a brand escalates fashion-minded spirit to the next level, ensuring all of its designs offer first-class comfort and convenience with the best in functionality. AVITA's Tech-fashion promise echoes its central values; chic international designs which fit the lifestyles of users, imaginative use of integrated technology and future-forward, slick and easy-to-use products built on a foundation of pushing product design in a direction that is not afraid of taking risks. This is how the brand has been able to discernably fit into the lives of its customers, and why it has attracted so much attention among international fashionistas and style-conscious business users who prize technological innovation.

AVITA's spirit of innovation in Tech-Fashion – NEW Collection with 30+ color variations and upgrades for this Spring/Summer.

As debuted at CES 2021, NEXSTGO's "The Next Visionary" product release philosophy is designed to harmonize new ways of succeeding into the lives of people, as they evolve their work, leisure and content production around the changing demands of tomorrow.

We celebrate this under the hashtag #IAMAVITA. For 2021/22, AVITA is implementing a new 'brand manifesto' based on the concept of LIKE ME. LIKE AVITA – a reflection of the passion V-series has inspired in people who love it, carry it, wear it and rely on it every day.

Appealing to a multitude of user style personalities, LIBER V is set to wear over 30 personable, dramatic colorways with the introduction of the NEW Collection this spring/summer season. LIBER V is elegantly engineered with a slim and compact body, an ideal way to exhibit the market's most cutting-edge range of color options. And now with the advent of upgraded processors, LIBER V expands its performance capability to support true work & play on the go. AVITA will launch further inspirational products to augment the LIBER V - NEW Collection shortly.

AVITA's evolving brand story has seen it transform from being the US-based consumer arm of NEXSTGO into today's company known for its vibrant, youth-centric contemporary tech-fashion; that is, technology products that are in line with the style, ideologies and preferences of a new generation. Mr. Alex Chung concludes, "Building upon the success of the launch of LIBER V, we have no intention of resting on our laurels; we will keep pushing the limits of what is possible in a fashion laptop, and our brand is dedicated to the pursuit of continuous improvement. The LIBER V NEW Collection, with more color options and range upgrades, will serve to fulfill a massive variety of consumer needs."

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