AXA Hong Kong officially launches Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme

VHIS Standard Plan & VHIS Flexi Plan in line with the different medical needs of the public

Existing designated customers can enjoy auto-upgrade with re-underwriting exemption[1]

HONG KONG, April 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) is officially launched today. AXA Hong Kong has successfully registered by the Food and Health Bureau (FHB) as a VHIS provider and will offer the Standard Plan for personal reimbursement for hospitalization, namely "WiseGuard Medical Insurance Plan", and the Flexi Plan with flexible options as "Smart Medicare". Both of the above VHIS programmes can be insured as a stand-alone basic plan or supplement to other AXA Hong Kong basic plans to meet customer needs. Optional supplementary major medical is available as a top-up for "Smart Medicare" customers for a  more comprehensive protection; while existing designated customers of  "Smart Medicare" can enjoy auto-upgrade, exempted from re-underwriting,  to the VHIS Flexi Plan on the policy anniversaries[1].

Dr. Alexander Chiu, Medical Director, Health and Employee Benefits of AXA Hong Kong and Macau, announced AXA Hong Kong has successfully registered by the Food and Health Bureau as a VHIS provider who will offer Standard Plan and Flexi Plan - allow more people to receive timely and comprehensive protection.
Dr. Alexander Chiu, Medical Director, Health and Employee Benefits of AXA Hong Kong and Macau, announced AXA Hong Kong has successfully registered by the Food and Health Bureau as a VHIS provider who will offer Standard Plan and Flexi Plan - allow more people to receive timely and comprehensive protection.

All-round expansion on medical coverage| VHIS to help alleviate the burden on the public healthcare system

AXA Hong Kong's VHIS Certified Plans (including the "VHIS Standard Plan" and "VHIS Flexi Plan") completely meet FHB's requirements, including standardised policy terms and conditions, guaranteed renewal up to age 100, covering unknown pre-existing conditions and eligibility for tax deductions, among others. According to the "VHIS Perception Survey Findings"[2] released by AXA Hong Kong in February 2019, about half of the respondents welcomed the VHIS provision for tax deduction (42%) and extending the coverage to "unknown pre-existing conditions" (48%), indicating that the public expects medical insurance to offer a wider range of protection.

Dr. Alexander Chiu, Medical Director, Health and Employee Benefits of AXA Hong Kong and Macau, said, "As one of the leading companies in the medical insurance market, we are serving more than 500,000 customers[3]. We are pleased to participate in VHIS as well as to launch certified plans that allow more people to receive timely and comprehensive protection. VHIS includes such items as 'unknown pre-existing conditions' with wide coverage, which is believed to reform the medical insurance in the market. AXA Hong Kong will gradually expand the coverage of its medical insurance products in response to market demand."

Exempted from re-underwriting | Existing designated "Smart Medicare" customers enjoy auto-upgraded[1] to "VHIS Flexi Plan"

At present, the public healthcare system is on the verge of saturation. AXA Hong Kong has found most Hong Kong people has underestimated or got no idea of the medical expenses in public hospital, in particular the self-financed items[4]. To enable customers to prepare for sudden and huge medical expenses, AXA  Hong Kong will enhance Smart Medicare in keeping with the VHIS Flexi Plan, and divided into three benefit levels: Regular, Superior & Premier. Existing Smart Medicare designated customers are exempt from re-underwriting for auto-upgrade[1] upon the policy anniversary, and it is expected that up to 70% medical insurance customers[5] of AXA Hong Kong will be benefited. Whether for a new or an auto-upgraded customer, Smart Medicare not only includes the product features of the VHIS Standard Plan, but also the outpatient kidney dialysis, medical negligence benefit, and more, to achieve a more comprehensive coverage. With flexibility, customers can also add optional supplementary major medical benefits as needed.

At the same time, AXA Hong Kong is actively preparing other VHIS Flexi Plans that meet VHIS requirements, to leverage on the existing cooperation and advantages in the medical market to meet the public demand among different sectors. Customers can evaluate their medical needs to choose VHIS certified products which gives the accessible, continuous, quality and transparent protection.

For more information on the VHIS certified products of AXA Hong Kong, please visit or call the hotline at (852) 2894 4758.

The above information is for reference only. For details of product features, content, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the relevant programme brochures.


AXA Hong Kong and Macau, a member of the AXA Group, prides itself on serving over 1 million customers[1] in the region. In addition to being the #1 global Property & Casualty commercial lines insurer[2], we have also been the #1 insurance brand worldwide for ten consecutive years[3]. In Hong Kong and Macau, we are also one of the largest health protection providers.


'Empowering people to live a better life' is the goal of AXA Hong Kong and Macau, which is reflected in everything we do. We are one of the most diversified insurers, providing a full range of coverage for individual and commercial customers. We offer all-round, integrated solutions across Life, Health and Property & Casualty to address all their insurance needs.


As an innovative insurer, we leverage on Big Data and AI to transform the customer experience end-to-end, making insurance simpler and more personal. We continue to drive innovation notably in health and protection, supporting customers in prevention, treatment and recovery.


We also believe it is our inherent responsibility to support the communities in which we operate. AXA Foundation is our flagship corporate social responsibility programme covering all of our efforts in promoting health, education and community support to create a positive and lasting impact in Hong Kong and Macau.

[1] Including customers of AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited, AXA China Region Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability), and AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited

[2] AXA Corporate Solutions, AXA Matrix Risk Consultants, AXA Insurance Company, and AXA Art with AXA XL's insurance and reinsurance operations combined

[3] Interbrand Best Global Brand 2018 (By brand value)



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The offer of auto-upgrade with re-underwriting exemption is applicable to the 'Smart Medicare'customers of Regular, Superior & Premier plan, and can only be upgraded at the same level. Premiums have the opportunity to change due to policy annual updates.


AXA Hong Kong commissioned a research company, Edelman Intelligence, to conduct an online survey of 1,000 people aged 18 or over in January 2019.


Total no. of health and employee benefits customers of AXA Hong Kong in 2018.


According to the "VHIS Perception Survey Findings" released by AXA Hong Kong in February 2019, it revealed 37% & 23% of respondents underestimated the medical expenses of public hospital associated with heart disease and cacer respectively; while 20% of respondents got no idea on the cost.


Total no. of customers of medical insurance under AXA Hong Kong.

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