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Azbil Corporation, One of Japan’s Leaders in Automation Industry, Opens a showroom in Singapore

Azbil Corporation, One of Japan’s Leaders in Automation Industry, Opens a showroom in Singapore
Showcasing Its Technological Innovations using IoT, AI and Big Data

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 27 July 2018 - Azbil Corporation (listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Symbol: 6845 was founded in 1906 and formerly known as Yamatake Corporation) today announced the opening of the Azbil's showroom in Singapore.  The showroom will allow all the stakeholders such as Azbil's customers in Singapore and Southeast Asia to learn about the azbil Group and its capabilities, main products, solutions and reference projects in the region.

Users of the showroom can participate in proactive communication with Azbil's stakeholders through remote and direct communication activities such as real time presentation and discussions when connected with Japan or other countries. This will enable Azbil, in cooperation with Azbil's Fujisawa Technology Center in Japan, to offer the same solution as being delivered in Japan. 

Mr Hirozumi Sone, President and Group CEO of Azbil Corporation, said: "Japan, including most countries in the world, is facing a shortage of expert or skilled employees who played key roles in plant maintenance and safety.  The possibility of major accidents is increasing.  Therefore, Azbil has come up with solutions for 'Smart Manufacturing' which will achieve a new dimension of productivity.  Technological innovations such as IoT, AI and Big Data, will bring about a 'super smart society'.  Manufacturing sites that support such a society must also evolve into 'super-smart factories'. Therefore the opening of our showroom here is in line with Singapore's journey towards a Smart Nation."

At the showroom, Azbil will showcase how their technology and solutions will help in the manufacturing processes and increase productivity.

In the field of plant operations, Azbil uses stepwise approach.  The approach starts from the introduction of smart devices in the field which then adds diagnosis and analysis of the data.  Once that digitalisation has been achieved, it is then time to introduce AI and Big Data analysis for "Smart Manufacturing".

"BiG EYES" which is Azbil's AI application detects abnormal behaviours such as signs of failures of equipment/devices/processes at an early stage and notifies as alerts.  By way of learning various operation patterns from Big Data already available at customers' sites, this AI application makes it possible to monitor all equipment/devices/processors comprehensively without any investment for additional sensors.

Azbil's plant safety management product ACTMoS™ (Advanced Critical Trend Monitoring for Safety) is a software application that is independent of the Distributed Control System (DCS).  ACTMoS™ automatically monitors important process variables and predicts their future behaviour.  If it judges that any trend will reach a critical value (at which safety devices are designed to activate), ACTMoS™ will issue a critical alarm and notifies all staff working in the control room of the predicted value, together with the trend data and the predicted time.  This is to prevent serious accidents and minimise the potential damage.

Automated Demand Response and the Future of Building Automation

Electricity consumption has its peak hours and governments would want to ensure the reliable supply of power at all times.  Since 2012, Azbil has participated in collaborative research and governmental proof-of-concept experiments in various locations and compiled a strong track record in the aggregator business in Japan.  This involves bundling electricity customers to provide Demand Response (DR) services. 

Two of Azbil's key strengths are its remote control technology and its automatic control using multiple energy sources. The use of cloud technology will enable a building's BEMS (Building Energy Management System) to be connected with Azbil's aggregation centre to provide DR services automatically. As entire cities become "smarter", Azbil will deploy its remote control technology to provide DR services.

"By both managing and analysing data from multiple buildings at the same time, Azbil's energy services can reduce energy consumption and preserve the environment. The opening of our  showroom in Singapore is timely as we will be able to advise customers in the region on the latest in technology for buildings energy management that results in energy efficiency and cost savings," added Mr Hirozumi Sone.

Mr Lim Kok Kiang, Assistant Managing Director, Singapore Economic Development Board, said: "We are pleased that Azbil Corporation has chosen Singapore to anchor its Regional Office and Showroom. The latest investment by Azbil is aligned with Singapore's efforts to digitally transform our manufacturing and built environment industries. We look forward to Azbil partnering key industry players in Singapore and the region, to create smarter and more sustainable buildings and factories."

About Azbil Corporation

Founded in 1906, Azbil Corporation pursues "human-centered automation" which aims to contribute to people's safety, comfort and fulfillment and also to global environmental preservation. In April 2012, Azbil Corporation has changed its name from Yamatake  Corporation.

About azbil Group

The azbil Group provides its customers with timely solutions tailored to the customer's needs.  Driven by the Group philosophy of 'human-centered automation', we strive to utilise our measurement and control technologies to realise safety, comfort and fulfillment in people's lives whilst contributing to the global environment. Internationally, we run a Building Automation business for the building market, and an Advanced Automation business for factories and plants. In Japan, azbil Group also operates a Life Automation business for markets closely connected with people's lives, such as lifelines and health.

In each field, azbil Group conduct business with an integrated structure that combines everything from planning and development to marketing and maintenance. This makes it possible for us to reflect on-site feedback in fresh solutions, swiftly and confidently, enhancing on-site technologies and service capabilities, and ensuring cost reductions through greater efficiency. As a true solution partner - delivering comfort, safety and energy savings in an optimum form - the azbil Group strives to provide dependable product development that reflects market needs, while also improving service.

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