Bachelorette keeps her 2-room condo looking fashionable yet functional

Who: A bachelorette in her 30s

Home: Two-room condominium apartment in West Coast

Size: 441sqf

Due to its size, every feature in this apartment has to be both functional and fashionable.

Her 441sqf, one-bedder condominium apartment is indeed a squeeze, but homeowner and sports enthusiast Kate Tan isn't complaining.

Her cosy apartment exudes a chic hotel-room atmosphere, she wakes up on a queen-size bed (yes, it fits!), and there's enough storage space for her bulky sports gear.

"I told Lawrence of interior design firm Akihaus that I wanted a casual yet chic home; something I will not grow tired of, and that matches my personality," says Kate.

The swim instructor has travelled to many countries, like Japan and Tonga, and finds she is most attracted to well-designed resorts that are restful and void of loud colours.

Combining this with the idea of a contemporary American loft, Lawrence decided on a monochrome colour palette.

"Black and white hues go well with the existing marble and oak flooring, and help imbue a sense of spaciousness in the small apartment," he says.

The renovation totalled up to $28,000, and includes folding glass doors with black aluminium frames that separate the living room from the bedroom - a loft archetype that pairs perfectly with the unit's high ceilings.

When Kate has guests over, she only has to fold the doors and push her sofa back for more legroom.

The full-height, built-in television console conceals storage space, where she keeps necessities like the ironing board.

Items such as diving gear and coldwear are stashed in her bed's hidden storage area - easily accessible thanks to a hydraulic lift - whereas items that can survive rain and shine are stored under the balcony's removable timber decks.

Large monochromatic photographs of a humpback whale and penguins, taken during Kate's travels, add a sophisticated yet personal touch to the home.

Where to go: Akihaus, #04-02, Block A, 10 Raeburn Park, tel: 6221-2808



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