Bagging S$100,000 For The Second Time: How The Top Winners of #HuntTheMouse -- Safe Distancing Edition Did It

Bagging S$100,000 For The Second Time: How The Top Winners of #HuntTheMouse -- Safe Distancing Edition Did It

SINGAPORE, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A gold coin worth S$100,000 was found under the Skybridge at Queen's Close on 16 February, 9.06pm. This coin had been hidden virtually in Sqkii's latest version of its well-loved hunt, #HuntTheMouse — Safe Distancing Edition (HTMSD), where the first person to find it would be able to keep the cash prize.

The Winners of HTMSD, Wesley, 33 and Shafiq, 24, bagged this top prize of S$100,000 for the second time. They were also the grand prize winners of Sqkii's 2018 #HuntTheMouse event, where they played in a team of nine. In this edition, Wesley and Shafiq played together with four other friends, some of whom were also part of their team in 2018.

This time, the team took two months to find the coin, compared to the one month taken back in 2018. With the introduction of new elements such as the depth at which the coin was hidden, the team utilised information and numbers from various hints dropped, and eventually discovered the location and depth of the gold coin through research and creative brainstorming.

Wesley, Shafiq, and their team attribute a large part of their success to prioritising hints that helped eliminate locations, while still keeping an open mind on viable locations of the gold coin. Above all, the group entered the hunt with the mindset of enjoying the journey throughout the game, as opposed to seeing winning as the end goal.

HTMSD, which began on 16 December 2021, was Sqkii's first Covid-safe hybrid hunt, equipped with physical and virtual game mechanics to prioritise the safety of all players, giving them the flexibility to hunt both remotely and in real life.

About Sqkii

Sqkii is known for their #HuntTheMouse and #HuntFromHome campaigns which give away cold, hard cash to players. Recording nearly half a million concurrent players in one of their large-scale hunts, Sqkii has since evolved from their offline games in the pre-COVID days to a combination of virtual and physical adventures in the current times. Along with their signature hunts, Sqkii specialises in building custom gamification experiences that spread the spirit of giving while connecting consumer brands with local audiences, with notable games including #HuntYourZodiac and #GrabRewardsville.

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