BAMBOOLOO Grows Exponentially to Create Green Impact

BAMBOOLOO Grows Exponentially to Create Green Impact

SINGAPORE, Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- BAMBOOLOO, Singapore's first next-generation, 100% sustainable homecare brand with 100% plastic-free packaging is on a mission to get corporates and consumers to play their part in contributing to a greener society. The brand which launched in 2019, has been at the cutting edge of environmental activism, sustainable supply chains, and has become highly acclaimed for its single use plastic-free, 100% biodegradable and sustainable products.

As the leading brand under parent company The Nurturing Co., BAMBOOLOO has received funding from Razor Inc through its $50m USD Z Ventures Razer Green Fund, and is drawing increased interest from investors post the Razer Inc investment. The brand is about to begin its next phase of growth which is to expand globally starting with a focus on the United States (U.S.) where the brand will launch as a part of the Amazon LaunchPad Program. This will be a key milestone for the brand as well as expanding further in the South East Asia region. With Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong, being on the list of launch locations in the pipeline, to run alongside Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand, where the brand is already available.

Over the last 3 years, BAMBOOLOO has grown from strength to strength. It has steadily achieved revenue growth of almost 200% year on year. This has been achieved through both expanding beyond its original one product of BAMBOOLOO bamboo 3 ply toilet roll, to now offering kitchen roll, facial tissue, and most recently the highly regarded BAMBOOLOO WaterBaby wipes. The brand also released one of the few 100% natural fabric masks in the world that is also BFE95 rated, the BAMBOOLOO NAT:Mask, in answer to ongoing difficulties people face across the world due to the pandemic. BAMBOOLOO is also focused on bringing retail-ready products that contain 0% single-use plastic. The GrabBag© that their toilet rolls (SKU of 8 rolls/bag) and kitchen rolls (SKU of 6 rolls/bag) come in is designed for consumers to conveniently carry products and go without the need for any other bags.

With the demand for household products such as toilet paper skyrocketing last year as the COVID-19 pandemic reared its head all over the world, the brand is making bold moves to be at the forefront of a paradigm shift towards not only waste reduction but waste elimination. Using industry standard metrics, BAMBOOLOO did a comparison on the resources used for traditional wood pulp toilet paper vs the BAMBOOLOO 3 ply toilet rolls and the results are staggering.

Producing just one roll of wood pulp toilet paper demands 140 litres of water and 440 grams of carbon. 140 liters of water is the same amount of water that an average person uses per day in Singapore. On the other hand, a roll of BAMBOOLOO toilet roll uses 93% lesser water and 70% less carbon than wood pulp toilet paper. BAMBOOLOO toilet rolls also come packaged with 0% single-use plastic and 100% recycled paper packaging thus close to 10sqm of plastic can be saved for every 36 rolls of toilet paper. If a family of four shifts to BAMBOOLOO toilet paper, they can save over 30,000 liters of water every year, close to 74,000 grams of carbon and more than 65 sqm of plastic.

"More than 90 per cent of the global hygiene paper market is still held by giant multinationals who continue to produce products that don't solve the issue of the depletion of resources. It is time for us to disrupt the industry, look at the issues from another perspective, and share that with consumers around the world so that they can make conscious, informed decisions," added David Ward, Chief Roll Officer, BAMBOOLOO and Founder & CEO of The Nurturing Co.

The global hygiene paper market is valued at over $275b USD, and BAMBOOLOO, using carbon positive, fast-growing bamboo wants to help as many people as possible make the switch to lower impacting, sustainable alternatives to help curb the amount of world resources being used just to go to the toilet. In 2020 alone, with the sales volume of the toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and facial tissues sold by BAMBOOLOO, their customers have helped save around 34 million liters of water, over 55 million grams of carbon and close to 73,000 sqm of plastic. They have also saved close to 1800kg of plastic from reaching the shores of Singapore with their single-use plastic free products.

Since its inception, BAMBOOLOO has stayed true to its mission 'Better for the People, Better for the Planet' and has added over 10 sustainable products to its portfolio, and was the first sustainable household products company to have received the ESG mark accreditation. The business has ventured into core categories including bathroom care, kitchen care, personal care and most recently expanded into baby care, with the release of their first product in this segment, BAMBOOLOO WaterBaby wipes. The water formula baby wipes welcomed pre-orders before launch and are now available across the online retail segment in Singapore with a social media campaign focused on dads taking charge of changing babies. All are a part of the business strategy to offer more sustainable, less impacting alternatives to every use product we need around the home.

Driven by purpose and focused on insightful innovation, BAMBOOLOO aims to create a greener tomorrow, where corporations and consumers can make more informed decisions that create a lasting positive impact. Between 2020 and 2024, through the planned expansion and growth strategy the company has, BAMBOOLOO projects that its customers will help to save over 3 billion liters of water, 5 billion grams of carbon and 7 million sqm of plastic.

"BAMBOOLOO is in business to help save our planet. We are passionate about reducing and removing single-use plastics and encourage behavioural change by helping consumers around the world transition towards more sustainable and less impacting solutions," mentioned Ward.

To help propel this mission further, The Nurturing Co will be holding a funding round in September, to which their strategic investor Razer Inc has already signed on to. The Nurturing Co is looking for investors who are seeking real measurable impact being made from their investment to join in and help propel the company's growth on its mission forward.

About The Nurturing Co™:

Launched in 2019, BAMBOOLOO® is a main pillar of The Nurturing Co™'s product line-up. It prides itself for being an original 0% plastic home care brand, and it drives The Nurturing Co™'s purpose of making sustainable alternatives widely available to consumers to empower them to make a positive impact on their lives and the environment.

BAMBOOLOO® products are made from 100% FSC certified virgin bamboo pulp that are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The BAMBOOLOO® range consists of toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and facial tissues and their 100% natural fiber NAT:Mask© made of bamboo, cotton and silk. BAMBOOLOO has also recently launched their water formula WaterBaby wipes.

The Nurturing Co™ has presence in New Zealand and Malaysia and has won the inaugural Best Social Enterprise Award in 2019 and the Social Impact Award for The Best Asian Startup Award in 2020. BAMBOOLOO® also partnered with ocean cleanup organisation Seven Clean Seas for Project Agency to remove 1kg of plastic from the ocean for every 100 rolls sold. It is also the first company to be funded under Razer™'s USD$50 million Razer Green Fund.

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