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BankersDream: Announces A New Approach to DeFi-Based Passive-Income Generation

BankersDream is the project of four German-based bankers.

BankersDream is a new DeFi project aiming to implement asset collection into the realm of cryptocurrency through the creation of three asset categories. BankersDream’s utilization of an asset collection that strives for passive rewards for those invested is a unique approach that sets it apart from myriad other tokens. Furthermore, the passive generation of funds creates a vibrant ecosystem built upon an asset that catalyzes investor’s interest in holding tokens long term.

Functions of BankersDream

BankersDream is the first step in the genesis of three different asset categories. In short, the function of the token is not a new concept in the realm of DeFi; however, BankersDream shifts the investor’s focus to the reflections function of the token to spotlight the importance of the reflections function within a smart contract.

BankersDream provides rewards to holders in the form of PEG BUSD. Investors will receive these rewards for simply holding the token in their wallet through reflections. Reflections are generated through transactional tax that every purchase and sell undergoes. Reflections are rewarded automatically every sixty (60) minutes and do not need to be claimed: they are sent to holder’s wallets automatically.

Realizing the sole use of reflections would not extract the full potential of passive asset generation for holders, BankersDream implemented a community idea to further incentivize investing: BankersWhale. BankersWhale employs one and a half (1.5) percent of the marketing tax to create a community investment fund. This investment fund has two (2) purposes:

1) Seventy-five (75) percent of the community-fund yield will be distributed to BankersDream holders. Distribution methods will follow the same practice observed in the distribution of reflections;

2) twenty-five (25) percent of the community-fund yield will be retained for financing the development and growth of the ecosystem.

With these two holder reward systems in place, BankersDream continues to research and develop new methods of passive income generation as they continue to explore all possibilities that align with their overarching goal: providing holders with passive income.

Creators and Community

BankersDream is the project of four German-based bankers. This team of four identified the necessity of new passive income generating assets for future generations and implemented their experience as bankers to bring about this idea’s fruition; however, the team realizes their previous experience in the finance sector does not merit their sole control of the project.

Community engagement and collaboration plays a central role in BankersDream and its ecosystem. The BankersDream believes that strong community results in high level transparency amongst all parties involved and an alacrity to strive collectively towards the projects goals.

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