BATIC 2018 Generates New Business Initiatives

BALI, Indonesia, April 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International ("Telin"), a subsidiary of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk ("Telkom") has successfully hosted Bali Annual Telkom International Conference ("BATIC") 2018, a 3 days platform for telecom carriers and wholesale providers from across the related segments, region and the world to collaborate, share ideas and business opportunities. It took place in Westin Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia from 4 to 6 April 2018. A theme for this year is Unlocking Opportunities in the Borderless Digital World, a rationale set by seeing a vast growing of digital ecosystem with no limitation in terms of telecommunications.

Representing Telkom as Telin's parent, Abdus Somad Arief, Director of Wholesale and International Services of Telkom delivered his welcome remark followed by these respective speakers: Christophe Meunier, partner from Delta Partners who shared his presentation regarding "Next Generation Enterprise Network: Trend and Opportunities", Dudy Effendi, VP Enterprise Business Development Telkom who shared "Leveraging Partnerships to Build an IoT Ecosystem", and Jaikishan Rajaraman, Global Head of Technology GSMA who shared "5G as an Enabler for Next Generation Networks". A panel discussion was conducted led by all speakers on day 1 to discuss the topic Beyond Connectivity -- Opportunities to Build and Monetize Next Generation Networks and Applications before all participants headed to lunch and series of bilateral meetings.

A synergy with Telkom Infra was conducted that remarks by a signing of Letter of Intention (LoI) for a submarine cable system development to connect Atambua, Larantuka, and Dili. Representatives of each party signed the agreement are Faizal R. Djoemadi, CEO of Telin and Natigor Sitorus, CEO of Telkom Infra. To follow, another initiative was conducted between Telin and Datacomm, where both parties did an agreement to build a system for providing security in digital utilization. This agreement was signed by Faizal and Tan Wie Tjin, CEO of Datacomm. Next, a breathtaking view in Sky at Ayana Resort Bali, where all participants enjoyed a gala dinner, completed Batic's day 1.

Since a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, all participants joined a 5K run around Nusa Dua to start day 2 prior all conferences started. Opening the conference is Kiran Karunakaran, a partner from Delta Partners brought a topic "Transforming the Wholesale Business" followed by Budi Satria Dharma Purba, CMO of Telin who presented "Winning Strategies for Operators Expanding Wholesale Services Beyond Pure Connectivity" and Naveen Menon, President (Southeast Asia) of Cisco System who brought "The Importance of Partnership". Joining all speakers on day 2, Andreuw Th AF, CEO Telin Singapore joined as panelists in a Panel Discussion session to discuss Operator Role in Cloud Enablement -- Evolving Value Proposition, Infrastructure and Monetization Models. As Batic is heading to an end, a farewell dinner was conducted in Westin's beachside where Budi bid his farewell to all delegates during a farewell dinner at Westin Beachside Nusa Dua. "Our aim in Batic is to celebrate the existence of telecommunication players and hoping that the fruits of this three-days event will benefit your business as well as strengthen the bond that we have already had," said Budi.

On Day 3 all delegates enjoy a compliment social activities such as sport or city tour based on their wish.

BATIC 2018 converges delegates from all areas of the global telecommunications community to meet and together explore alternative business insight from experts in OTT and telecommunication industry. This will also facilitate C-Level executives in strategy, marketing, and technology functions in order to extend the business sustainability. 

BATIC was firstly begun in 2010 and annually conducted until 2012. The same format is exhibited in 2018 with the same unique interactive using an Indonesian authenticity approach. Bali is selected because it holds strong culture, globally known as an exotic island and one the most desired destination from tourist around the world. The paradise island was chosen to create an environment that allow participants to feel relax and light while their doing the business relationship.

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