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Baxter launches Know your Score campaign, highlighting the importance of early screening to tackle the growing burden of kidney disease in Asia Pacific

Baxter launches Know your Score campaign, highlighting the importance of early screening to tackle the growing burden of kidney disease in Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Baxter Asia Pacific (Baxter), a global leader in dialysis care, has launched the Know Your Score campaign across Asia Pacific (APAC) on World Kidney Day.

Know Your Score aims to educate the public on their kidney score[1] as a gauge of their kidney health, reinforcing the idea that "knowing your score can save your life". The score is measured through the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) test, simple blood test that quantifies kidney health. This simple number – like cholesterol and blood pressure measurements – indicates if a patient needs further check-ups and helps to prevent disease progression.

According to Dr. Nguyen Bach, heal of Nephrology – Dialysis department, Thong Nhat hospital: "Chronic kidney disease is a global health problem. In Vietnam, the number of patients with chronic kidney disease increases each year. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is often referred to as a "silent killer" as most people with mild CKD do not know they have it. In most cases of progressive kidney disease, the body can adjust to the build-up of toxins, and the patient will only feel unwell once their kidney function falls below 15%. When this "crash" happens, the patient's kidney function is not likely to return to normal levels."

Know Your Score emphasizes the need for routine testing to detect and prevent CKD, especially among those who are suffering from hypertension and /or diabetes. It also encourages the public to learn more about kidney scores and lifestyle tips to prevent kidney disease, by visiting My Kidney Journey, a dedicated website providing information about the kidney health and CKD care.

According to the Vietnam Dialysis Association report, kidney disease is a silent disease that often has no symptoms in its early stages. In Vietnam, an estimated 30,000 people with kidney failure need dialysis. There are currently 5,126 hemodialysis machines with more than 400 dialysis units and about 2,000 people with kidney failure treated by peritoneal dialysis. The existing equipment only meets 30% of dialysis treatment needs.

According to Nguyen Van Q., a patient unexpectedly diagnosed with end-stage chronic kidney failure at the age of 30: "It is critical for everyone to understand that early detection of CKD can save lives, as symptoms of CKD emerge slowly and silently. I would encourage everyone, young and old, especially if they suffer from diabetes or hypertension to talk to their doctor about their kidneys and get tested. Sadly, I see many patients who suffer from kidney damage that is severe and irreversible because it was detected too late."

"Baxter is committed to reduce the occurrence of CKD through raising awareness of early testing.  As we mark World Kidney Day across the globe, Baxter emphasises early testing, as knowing your score can be lifesaving. Patients diagnosed early can adapt their lifestyle and learn to manage their condition, thus avoiding or postponing the need for dialysis or transplant. Today we reiterate our commitment to collaborating with physicians across the entire continuum of care, from prevention and early detection of CKD to kidney failure care," said Andrew Frye, President of Baxter Asia Pacific.  

Find out more about Know Your Score here:

It is available to the general public in six countries and five different languages across APAC. 

[1] A kidney score of over 90 indicates a healthy and normal kidney. A score between 60-89 means intervention is needed to prevent further kidney damage. When a score falls to less than 60 under a three-month period, it is an indicator of CKD.

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