BDO Announces Winners of the Inaugural BDO ESG Awards

Winners of the BDO ESG Awards - ESG Reports of the Year 2018 celebrate their achievements with representatives of BDO, SCMP, judging panel and other honourable guests at the Awards Presentation Ceremony.
Representatives of BDO; Mr Zhang Qiang, Deputy Director-General Coordination Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR (Third from the left); and Mr Joseph Chan, Under Secretary for the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau in the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Third from the right), preside over the inaugural BDO ESG Awards Presentation Ceremony.
First-of-its-kind awards scheme acknowledges outstanding companies that set ESG performance and reporting best practices and standards

HONG KONG, Jan 25, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - BDO Limited (BDO), the world's fifth largest accountancy network, has announced and honoured today the winners of the inaugural BDO ESG Awards. The first-of-its-kind awards scheme in Hong Kong, the Awards recognise outstanding companies who have made a positive impact in the areas of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and aim to raise awareness and provide companies with examples of best practices to fulfil the increasing expectations and requirements on ESG performance and ESG reporting standards.

The BDO ESG Awards are organised and hosted by BDO Limited in Hong Kong, with the support of BDO International Limited & BDO China, showcasing the BDO global network's expertise in risk management and compliance issues.

The top three companies from each of the large market capitalisation, middle market capitalisation and small market capitalisation segments of Main Board listed companies, as well as companies from the Growth Enterprise Market were selected as winners in each of the following two award categories: (1) Best in ESG Awards and (2) Best in Reporting Awards. The companies with the best combined scores in those two categories were granted the ESG Report of the Year Awards (full list below).

Dr William Yu, Chairman of the Judging Panel of the Best in ESG Awards, said, "Although participating companies had a wide range of different focuses, emphasis and choice of community investments, the ESG Award provided an excellent platform for these public listed companies to learn from one another on ESG Best Practices. Regardless of the results, the award participants will be encouraged and incentivised to improve their ESG performance and enrich their ESG initiatives. We look forward to meeting more inspiring companies at next year's ESG Awards."

Dr Kelvin Wong, JP DBA FHKIoD, Chairman of the Judging Panel of the Best in Reporting Awards, said, "My heartiest congratulations to the awardees who have orchestrated such excellent ESG reports. These award-winning reports are exemplary for companies which determine to raise their ESG standards. I am hopeful that through the encouragement of BDO ESG Awards and the excellence of ESG reporting among listed issuers, it will help further raise the standard of Hong Kong as a competitive international financial centre!"

Mr Clement Chan, Managing Director of Assurance, BDO Hong Kong, said, "ESG reporting is an important development which makes corporates report on a much wider scope of business aspects that is relevant to general sustainability rather than just the traditional financial aspects. With the ESG reporting responsibilities, all corporates need to be more vigilant and mindful about the social and environmental effects of their business activities which will in turn contribute to the well-being and long-term sustainability of our globe. Hong Kong as an international financial centre needs to play our part and I am very glad to see BDO Hong Kong leading this thrust."

Mr Johnson Kong, Managing Director of Non-Assurance, BDO Hong Kong, said, "On behalf of BDO, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the final round judges. Their expertise and generous time commitment have greatly enhanced the credibility of the Awards. Going forward, BDO will continue to support Hong Kong-listed companies in improving ESG standard to maintain Hong Kong's position as a world leading financial centre by boosting the confidence of and attracting more global investors to the city."

Mr Ricky Cheng, Director and Head of Risk Advisory of BDO, said, "Clearly, increasing disclosure in ESG is a one-way street. Investors and peers will request greater disclosure from companies in the future. The journey of good ESG disclosure has just started in Hong Kong, and there is a still a long way to go for a lot of companies. What can be said is that the earlier companies embark on the ESG journey, the sooner and greater the yield and benefits for their business. We believe that with greater experience gained in ESG reporting, companies will continue to develop and release better ESG Reports that reduce risk, conserve resources and attract more investors."

BDO ESG Awards 2018 Winners (listed in no particular order)

Best in ESG - Large Cap
Cathay Pacific Airways (293.HK)
Lenovo Group Limited (992.HK)

Best in ESG - Mid Cap
Yuexiu Property Company Limited (123.HK)
Melco International Development Ltd. (200.HK)
Xtep International Holdings Limited (1368.HK)

Best in ESG - Small Cap
Yip's Chemical Holdings Limited (408.HK)
Panda Green Energy Group Limited (686.HK)
Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Ltd. (1446.HK)

Best in ESG - GEM
Altus Holdings Ltd. (8149.HK)
Northern New Energy Holdings Ltd (8246.HK)
Xinyi Automobile Glass Hong Kong Enterprises Ltd (8328.HK)

Best in Reporting - Large Cap
Cathay Pacific Airways (293.HK)
Lenovo Group Limited (992.HK)
AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. (2018.HK)

Best in Reporting - Mid Cap
Yuexiu Property Company Limited (123.HK)
Melco International Development Ltd. (200.HK)
Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust (405.HK)

Best in Reporting - Small Cap
Fairwood Holdings Limited (52.HK)
Yip's Chemical Holdings (408.HK)
Panda Green Energy Group Limited (686.HK)

Best in Reporting - GEM
Luk Hing Entertainment Group Holdings Ltd (8052.HK)
Altus Holdings Ltd. (8149.HK)
Northern New Energy Holdings Ltd (8246.HK)

ESG Report of the Year - Large Cap
Lenovo Group Limited (992.HK)

ESG Report of the Year - Mid Cap
Melco International Development Ltd. (200.HK)

ESG Report of the Year - Small Cap
Panda Green Energy Group Limited (686.HK)

ESG Report of the Year - GEM
Northern New Energy Holdings Ltd (8246.HK)

About the BDO ESG Awards
The BDO ESG Awards recognise outstanding listed companies in Hong Kong who have made a positive impact in the areas of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) - particularly those who implement outstanding sustainability initiatives. The Awards aim to encourage companies to be more aware of their social responsibility to incorporate sustainability into their business model. For details, visit:

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