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Be filled with AWE! The latest ready-made plant-based meals to dominate your fridges

Be filled with AWE! The latest ready-made plant-based meals to dominate your fridges
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 8 March 2022 -AWE by OsomeFood is revolutionizing our at-home dining experience to provide us a better way to eat by delivering convenient, nutrition-packed plant-based meals to our dining tables. Get a taste of AWE by subscribing to AWE meal plans (RRP $80/month) or head down to the AWE by OsomeFood bistro and witness the creation of AWE meals from source to fork.

Entrance of AWE bistro (left), Interior of AWE bistro (centre), AWE Meal Plan Subscription box (top-right),Protein Noodles in Spicy Miso Beef Sauce (bottom-right)
Entrance of AWE bistro (left), Interior of AWE bistro (centre),
AWE Meal Plan Subscription box (top-right),
Protein Noodles in Spicy Miso Beef Sauce (bottom-right)

AWE by OsomeFood is the world's first source-to-fork, nutrition-focused, plant-based food brand. Our meals and snacks are inspired by our sister brand, OsomeFood, the food manufacturer credited with creating the world's first plant-based hard-boiled egg. We design and deliver delicious, nutritionally-charged, clean meals free of contaminants, additives, GMOs or hormones for all to enjoy.

"One standard AWE meal provides the average adult more than the equivalent amount of nutrients of an average meal. We recommend starting off with 1-2 AWE meals each week, maybe throw in a couple of AWE snacks, then slowly increasing your intake to 2-3 times a week," said AWE by OsomeFood Master Dietician, Mariah Hameed.

AWE's monthly meal plan subscription delivers 4 supercharged meals and 6 supercharged snacks to your doorstep each month. There is even an option for add-on special Functional Meal Programme packs to suit those with specific nutritional needs. Convenient and easy to prepare, simply retrieve your ready-to-go meal packs from the freezer, then steam or submerge them in a mixture of 50% boiling water and 50% room temperature water for around 20 minutes. And voila, your meal is served.

For the busy parent wanting to save time on meal planning or the fitness enthusiast on a strict diet, AWE offers great variety with minimal preparation. With over 200 different meals and snack options representing local and world cuisines, you won't ever be tired of eating well. From Zucchini Carbonara to Truffle Lu Rou Fan, AWE by OsomeFood has something for all – even local fare lovers!

"AWE by OsomeFood is here to help you build a lifestyle that supports your nutritional needs. Our meal plan subscription is designed to provide a shareable experience that families and friends can enjoy and supercharge their nutrition needs from the comfort of their homes. We provide a steady source of nutrition for you to pursue your treats guilt-free. With AWE, eating well has never been easier," said Jason Fong, CEO of Wholesome Food, the organization behind OsomeFood and AWE by OsomeFood.

If you're curious about what goes into AWE meals, sign up for a 6-month subscription plan or head down to AWE by OsomeFood's Experiential Concept Bistro to see for yourself! Built on the idea of a regenerative organic ecosystem, the bistro grows its own produce via a self-sustaining aquaponic system located right outside the bistro doors. Get a behind-the-scenes look and learn first-hand how your food is grown, selected, cleansed and served to direct your table.

About AWE by OsomeFood

AWE by OsomeFood is the world's first source-to-fork, plant-based food brand. Based on key ingredients designed by sister brand, OsomeFood, we work hard to make quality nutrition more accessible and convenient to all, from the comfort of your homes. Through the AWE by OsomeFood meal subscription plan and the AWE by OsomeFood Experiential Concept bistro, we promise nutritionally-charged, clean meals that elevate your dining experience.

Learn more about AWE by OsomeFood here

Visit AWE by OsomeFood Bistro
112 Yio Chu Kang Road
Singapore 545580

Hours: Open Monday to Saturday, 11am to 8pm. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Contact: +65 9116 9928
Learn more about AWE by OsomeFood Bistro here
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About OsomeFood
OsomeFood is a food innovation brand managed by Wholesome Savour. Based in Singapore, they offer a portfolio of revolutionary plant-based, nutrition-focused functional foods. OsomeFood's products are developed using superfood ingredients and addresses specific health needs and functions such as gut health, body immunity and weight management. OsomeFood products are designed to be better for people and the planet, while retaining texture and taste of quality alternative protein. We believe that we can positively shape a better future by improving human health, reducing carbon footprint and ensuring a sustainable approach to consuming our earth's natural resources.

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