"Beautiful China, More than Pandas" Campaign in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 24, the San Francisco stop of the "Beautiful China, More than Pandas" Sichuan tourism promotional campaign took place at Fisherman's Wharf.

"Beautiful China, More than Pandas" Campaign in San Francisco
"Beautiful China, More than Pandas" Campaign in San Francisco

A Sichuan tourism delegation led by Huang Xiaoping, the Deputy Secretary-general of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, and comprised of representatives from the Sichuan Tourism Development Commission and Sichuan travel agencies captivated the masses by presenting the features of Sichuan tourism and promoting their respective products.

The delightful panda figure, creative little panda paintings and a large number of exquisite panda elements were on site at the fair, Sichuan tourism including its iconic giant panda garnered the attention of local tourism professionals, the public and the media as highlight after highlight kept the crowd energized and engaged. Visitors flocked to take photos with the panda figure while others lined up to obtain Sichuan tourism souvenirs and promo materials, and many "liked" the event on their social media accounts.

At the DIY panda painting zone set up on site for the activity, both local artists and the public eagerly participated and everybody harnessed their inner most imaginative spirit to paint and embellish the plain white panda models. An award selection and presentation ceremony honored the more distinguished creations, which further heightened the atmosphere.

At the public consultation zone, staff provided face-to-face consulting and promoted Sichuan's many tourism products and routes. "The activity renewed my impression of Sichuan". San Francisco's "fans" of the giant panda indicated that this event helped them learn more about the idyllic natural sceneries of Sichuan, as well as unique cultural heritage like Sichuan cuisine and Sichuan opera, with the consensus being that Sichuan is a worthwhile vacation destination. "I must find time to visit Sichuan in the future". 

"Government sets up stage, enterprises take to center stage," in the future, the Sichuan Tourism Development Commission will keep on carrying out the "Beautiful China, More than Pandas" Sichuan tourism promotional campaign and Sichuan culinary journey activities. As the promotional campaign continues ahead in full steam, the name "Sichuan" has risen in prominence in the eyes of foreign travelers as Sichuan tourism expands its development space.

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