Beauty aesthetician spends $150,000 to renovate his swanky bachelor pad in the West

A discerning approach to colour and materials allowed for a stylish and clean pared-down look.

Who: A bachelor

Home: A three-bedroom condominium apartment in the west coast

Size: 1,313sqf

As a beauty aesthetician whose work revolves around symmetry and perfection, it's unsurprising that Dr Tsu Boon Hsiung finds the odd corners and folds of his apartment an eyesore.

However, instead of tearing it all down, the Studio Wills + Architects team capitalised on this "difficult" layout and transformed the space into an elegant bachelor pad.

Here's what they did, for a total renovation cost of $150,000.

They used unconventional strategies

"We like to build on interesting features. For instance, the faceted walls from the living room to the bedroom were cladded in wood-look laminates in a herringbone pattern, creating a unified look and flow throughout the home," says designer William Ng.

What would typically be seen as a flaw, such as the low ceiling of the corridor and foyer, became an advantage.

The foyer walls were painted dark brown, to create a visually compact entrance that sets the stage (and exaggerates) the living room's high ceiling - a bold and clever idea!

They paid attention to details

"After many rounds of discussion, Studio Wills knows how meticulous I am," says Boon Hsiung, with a laugh. This focus on precision, as well as the studio's ability to match it, is best reflected in the walk-in wardrobe.

The design team took care not to reveal the LED strips in the shoe cabinet, and the mirrors are positioned so Boon Hsiung can get ready in natural morning light. There are compartments for his belts, watches and cufflinks, too.

The homeowner's request for a platform bed was achieved by removing an odd-shaped bay window. Now, Boon Hsiung has the luxury of space and a stunning view of West Coast Park. The bed features a subtle geometric design to match the herringbone feature wall.

They worked on existing colours

To match the apartment's white marble flooring and dark-hued skirting, the designers opted for shades of brown - like the dark chocolate wall of the dining area and light-oak walk-in wardrobe.

These timber-heavy features, and the 1950s-style furniture they shopped for, are reminiscent of Mid-Century Modern designs, which appeal to Boon Hsiung. Brass-accented features from the lightings and customised sideboard provide the space with a special accent.

WHERE TO GO: Studio Wills + Architects, TEL: 6966-9765

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