Beijing Inspiry Technology promotes self-service QR code payment solutions in Singapore

Leading-edge QR code payment solutions that are popular in China now enter Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE, May 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 4, 2018, Beijing Inspiry Technology Co., Ltd., one of China's leading mobile payment solution providers, displayed its mobile payment solutions at the Seamless Asia 2018 in Singapore, including the Inspiry Smart Box for placement on any horizontal surface, and the Smart Box V, for mounting on any vertical surface such as the back of a cash register, all of which allow for easy and fast payment via the scanning of the QR code on a mobile device, as well as demonstrations of how the global payments platforms could be applied across various industries.

The event features exhibitors from 65 countries and regions all over the world. Beijing Inspiry Technology showcased its pioneering self-service Quick Response (QR) code payment solutions that are in the process of rapid development in China. The company noted that the solutions are efficient, easy-to-use and affordable, and are compliant with Chinese central bank's latest regulations on QR code payment. They are now widely used across China.

China is undoubtedly one of the countries with the fastest-growing mobile payment sector. According to available data, the number of mobile payment users across the country is expected to reach 650 million by the end of 2018. As of the end of 2017, the value of the country's QR code payment market had exceeded 900 billion yuan (approx. US$140 billion).

Beijing Inspiry Technology COO Guan Heng said at the exhibition that China's experience in the fast-growing self-service QR code payment sector could provide Southeast Asia with a framework and a model for building a cashless society. To serve our clients in Southeast Asian clients, we have already set up an office in Singapore. The mobile payment practices implemented by Beijing Inspiry Technology across various industries as well as by multinational companies in China have also demonstrated that self-service QR code payment is well on its way to becoming a main form of mobile payment POS in the future.

Beijing Inspiry Technology provides QR code payment devices and system services. Founded in 2002, the company is based in Beijing, with branches in Singapore and Tokyo. Beijing Inspiry Technology has always focused on technological research and commercial innovation of the QR code, and took the lead in launching QR code recognition solutions for mobile phones in 2006. It is one of the major partners of some of the world's leading payment platforms including Alipay, WeChat Pay and CHINA Unionpay.

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