"Belt & Road Brand Expo 2017" present you a Better Life and Beyond in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, Nov. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Belt & Road Brand Expo 2017 is to be unveiled at Shanghai Exhibition Center on December 8-10, 2017, which is organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Sub-council(CCPIT Shanghai) and China Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai Chamber of Commerce(CCOIC Shanghai). The Expo is held in the purpose of enhancing international cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, meeting people's higher demand in pursuit of a beautiful life, and illustrating the city sprit of Shanghai to be tolerant to diversity.

The Expo is designed to showcase the most featured products and brilliant culture from countries along the Belt and Road route, to promote the trade and communication in the world, and to offer people a feast of beautiful life by experiencing the exotic culture.

To hold 26 countries' features under the Expo's roof

In the theme of "Better Life and Beyond", the Expo occupies a total area of around 10,000 sq.m. to showcase exhibits mainly in food and beverage, lifestyle, tourism and culture, sports and health as well as investment and trade. Nearly 200 companies from 28 countries and regions, including Australia, Croatia, Cuba, Czech, Dominica, Ecuador, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mauritius, Nepal, the Netherlands, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey, as well as mainland China,Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Chinese Taiwan will display the best of their exotic products, advanced technologies and diverse culture., will display the best of their products, technologies and culture. It is a magic Expo to offer you exotics and diversity from 26 countries.

The National Pavilion will present such representing exhibits and culture like Kazakhstan's agricultural products, Dominica's cigars and Havana wine, Czech's food and crystal, Iran's Persian carpets and saffron, Sri Lanka's Ceylon tea and jewelry, Ecuador's coffee and roses, and Nepal's woodcarving and Thangka.

The Corporate Pavilion will have the participation of famous domestic brands from Ordos (Inner Mongolia), Huzhou (Zhejiang Province), Liaoning province, Taiwan as well as Shanghai. Bright Food Group will bring its well-known subsidiaries to join, including Shanghai Tangjiu Group, Shanghai Yimin Group, Liangyou Group, Bright Dairy & Food and Shanghai Maling Aquarius. Shanghai Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives intends to team up with the city's time-honored brands. In addition, the leading cross-border e-commerce firms and trade service providers in China will offer new comers from all over the world professional consultancy and guidance during the event. 

Concurrent activities to promise an unforgettable experience

The Expo will provide trade visitors with tailored match-making by a few of networking chances. Meanwhile, the public visitors will enjoy a feast of characteristic traditions and customers.

Roadshow: National Pavilions are to introduce their countries' representing products, culture and history.

Match-making:Organizers will arrange tailor-made meetings between exhibitors and visitors during the event via online reservation in Visitors' Center.

LOHAS experience: Demonstration by experts and masters to offer you practical knowledge in jewelry appreciation and wine tasting, as well as wonderful experience of AR/VR tours of scenic sites, food tastings and makeup try-ons.

Show Time: Splendid performance of participating countries, such as singing and dancing, fashion show, instrumental performance, popular sports, etc.

Master Class: You can have an intimate high-end experience of jewelry, wine, Thanka, Persian carpets, cigars, woodcarving, etc.

Display and Contest: Following the Map of ancient and modern silk road, you can enjoy the exhibiting countries' photography masterpiece, and join the lucky draw.

Immersive experiences are available at the Expo by getting a real and authentic sense of the culture, customs and lifestyles that define each of the 26 participating countries. Now, join us to explore the global business opportunities inspired by the "Belt and Road " Initiative and witness the prosperity by carrying on the legacy of the ancient Silk Road.

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