Best Companies to Work For in Hong Kong 2018 Awards Ceremony comes back on June 7

Best Companies to Work For in Hong Kong 2018 Awards Ceremony comes back on June 7

HONG KONG, May 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Since 2016, Great Place to Work® Institute holds 'Best Companies to Work For® in Hong Kong Awards Ceremony' annually to recognise great workplaces. This year, the great event comes back on June 7.

Organisations and their leaders are constantly challenged by maintaining the balance of an integral success: great results with a satisfied and developed team in a sustainable way.

Among the many trends of fake and real news, in the confusion of speed and keeping a stable pace, and with the danger of losing the shared vision due to increasing individualism, we all look for trends and spearheading techniques to get to better results and outperform competitors.

How can we be sure that we're heading in the right direction for that integral success? Where are we taking our organisations and teams? And what lies beneath as cornerstones for the infrastructure of sustainable organisational culture?

'That's what we've been doing for the past 6 years, since we started in Hong Kong: trying to bring our customers to a frame and model that will allow them to find themselves on the map and be able to see the route that is most convenient for their needs and ambitions, ' said Mr Jose Bezanilla, the CEO of Great Place to Work® Institute in Greater China, in a recent interview about the progress of their effort on their project to make Hong Kong a better place to work. That was announced 2 years ago in their very first Awards event for the 'Best Companies to Work For® in Hong Kong'.

'We're launching lots of improvements to make it easier for everybody to engage in a continuous improvement project for their company or any team in search for better results. We're presenting a better system, better reports, easier process, more solutions, such as Gamification and On-Line Training, ' commented Mr Bezanilla. Miss PoYu Fong, who is in charge of Marketing at Great Place to Work® Institute, added that, 'This year's event to recognise the Best Companies to Work For® in Hong Kong 2018 will be offering not only these many improvements, but also will be presenting a great surprise as a new tool for mapping your path to success, in partnership with a great Best Practice Partner called Teamacting. ' So, prepare to be able to reach higher summits -- that is all we can share about it for now.

'During the second half of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, many companies were surveyed in Hong Kong and despite the growing number, this year we have 13 companies to be awarded as great workplaces, which is only one more than last year. However, there has still been very interesting progress in practices and innovations, ' shared Tails Mao, who coordinates survey implementations at the Institute. 'This year we wanted to make an event in which we can see everything from a higher point of view, with better perspective on the objective of what we're trying to improve. Therefore we chose a fantastic and iconic venue to award the winners of 2018, ' commented Mr. Shane McDonnell, Business Development Manager. It all points to a great event, one that will contribute to make of Hong Kong a better place to work. See you there on June 7th, 7pm.

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