Best Quotes from HUAWEI CLOUD Summit Singapore on How Cloud + AI Are Injecting Newfound Levels of Intelligence

SINGAPORE, April 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- From April 24-25, the 2019 HUAWEI CLOUD Summit themed "+AI, Grow with Intelligence" opened in Singapore. Nearly 2,000 partners and subject-matter experts gathered together to discuss how cloud + AI helps industries improve productivity and enterprises achieve their intelligent transformations. Plenty of cases were also shared to demonstrate the benefits of adoption.

Full-stack innovation to power Singapore's smart blueprint

AI is the new driver of industrial transformation. Enterprises are all vying for ways to take the lead in the intelligent era. With the development of new technologies, organizations of all types are choosing HUAWEI CLOUD for their cloud computing needs. Song Zhexuan, Chief Strategy Officer of HUAWEI CLOUD, said: "What makes HUAWEI CLOUD different? It is the exceptionally cost-effective cloud infrastructure with an open, intelligent application platform and the full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio."

During the event, customers, partners, and subject-matter experts from SAP, Intel, SHAREit, RFCx, NUS, and Cennavi Technologies shared their opinions and practices in digital transformation and AI adoption.

Sumner Lemon, Regional Director for Digital Transformation and Enterprise Sales Asia-Pacific & Japan Territory, Intel, said: "The blending of traditional business with digital business has resulted in the emergence of a data-driven, digital economy. It is no longer 'business as usual', and organizations are realizing they cannot compete on old infrastructure. Business success now requires IT transformation from the data center to multiple clouds and to the edge."

Jitu Agrawal, Vice President & GM of Digital Core Cloud SAP South East Asia, said: "The digital era is evolving into the intelligence era, and SAP strategy is to deliver the Intelligent Enterprise through the Intelligent Suite - the right solution for each customer situation."

Jason Wang, Partner & CBO, SHAREit, said: "On our way to achieve our vision globally, HUAWEI CLOUD has become one of the most trustworthy partners supporting us to deliver satisfaction to our 1.8 billion users."

During the Summit, Bourhan Yassin, the COO of Rainforest Connection (RFCx), delivered a speech titled "Guardians of the Forest: AI Powered Recycled Cell Phones." Bourhan Yassin said: "With the help of HUAWEI CLOUD AI, we are creating the world's largest soundscape of remote forest capable of detecting multiple calls within endangered species critical to the eco-system: Spider Monkey, Howler Monkey, Amazon Parrot, Orangutan Macaw, Leopard and moreā€¦"

Ooi Beng Chin, Distinguished Professor Department of Computer Science School of Computing, NUS, said: "I am glad that Huawei has launched its cloud services in Singapore. Its presence should facilitate our researches related to the cloud, such as distributed deep learning and Apache SINGA, and promote our healthcare, security, and fintech systems for wider adoption. We look forward to exchanges of research ideas and future collaboration.

Cennavi Technologies and HUAWEI CLOUD are cooperating in development of Traffic Intelligent Twins TrafficGo. At the summit, Song Huixing, Manager of Base Platform Dept, Cennavi Technologies, stated: "With powerful HUAWEI CLOUD infrastructure and AI, and our MineData platform, we've made progresses in several fields, especially on intelligent transportation, such as AI-based traffic capacity improvement and intelligent traffic management."

Another crowd fav: the Hands-on Lab!

The Hands-on Lab in the outdoor experience area allowed event-goers to experience ModelArtsĀ - the one-stop AI development platform powered on HUAWEI CLOUD. Developers experienced how quickly they can preprocess, mark, train, build, and deploy data models on the impressive platforming.

Developers were able to set up a cloud database application in a little as one minute and even operated ModelArts to transform a stock car into a self-driving vehicle in a short time with the on-platform AI capabilities. After the adoption, the car was able to identify such things in the environment as traffic lights, obstacles, and lanes, and was able to follow specific targets.

HUAWEI CLOUD is committed to building an open, robust ecosystem to power the smart world. The cloud arm offers a unique synergy in its chip-device-pipe-cloud capabilities to create an everybody-wins ecosystem featuring wide-open collaboration. HUAWEI CLOUD is opening up the China ecosystem to the world and bringing the global ecosystem to China as it continues to build the rich platforming for the fully intelligent ecosystem through open-minded cooperation. The HUAWEI CLOUD marketplace has already welcomed over 6000 partners to provide value-added services for customers in the full range of industries. HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to work with partners in promoting intelligent adoptions suited to the Singapore and Asia Pacific regions.