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The Best Taiwan Postpartum Nursing Care Centers & Confinement Meals Brands Recommended by MamiGuide Golden Award

The Best Taiwan Postpartum Nursing Care Centers & Confinement Meals Brands Recommended by MamiGuide Golden Award

The Annual Event Accelerating 5 Billion Annual Economic Output of the Maternal and Infant Industry in Asia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Greeting the arrival of a newborn is always the most important to pregnant mothers. According to MamiGuide's online survey, nearly 65% of postpartum mothers choose to go to postpartum nursing centers for confinement, and 15% choose to order confinement meals. The demand for high-level confinement services due to low birthrate has driven the overall economic output up to NTD 5 billion. The MamiGuide Golden Award known as the Oscars of the Maternal and Infant Industry enters the second year this year. 80 brands were shortlisted by 4,147 mothers via real-name audition. The professional judges selected 21 best postpartum care centers and confinement food providers for the year. The winners were announced at the MamiGuide Golden Award.

90% Mothers Appreciate Postpartum Care Centers: The Most Abundant Confinement Meals Ever

Chinese people are concerned about the golden 30 days of the postpartum period very much. According to the results of the postpartum satisfaction questionnaire collected by MamiGuide, more than 90% of mothers consider that it is highly necessary to rest and recuperate in a postpartum center. The most important factors in choosing a postpartum center are "quality of medical care" and "CP value," followed by "palatability of the confinement meals" and "hardware facilities". The availability of additional services such as baby photography, shampoo and salon, spa, professional lactation and so on are additional services that influence parents' decisions. The presence of a doctor or nutritionist is also an important factor to consider.

21 Most Recommended Postpartum Care Centers & Confinement Meals Brands Favored by Taiwanese Mothers

The postpartum care centers that won the MamiGuide Golden Award are ELGAR, Cathaybabycare, Mombabycare, Infancix, One-one Postnatal Care Center in Taipei City; Wholelove, Sin-He and Full of Joy Postpartum Care Center in New Taipei City; Elvire Postpartum Care Center in Taoyuan City; Liyue and Remonth Pregnancy Care Center in Taichung City; Cathay Postpartum Nursing Care Center Tainan, Jen Shi Yue and Santino in Tainan City. The best awarded confinement meals brands are Zi Jin Tang and Cowa-mother-care in Taipei City; Baomamafoods in New Taipei City; Good Meal in Taoyuan City; Magicmom in Taichung; Pinyu and Fuyun Confinement in Kaohsiung City and so on, in total of 21 excellent and unique confinement food brands.

Taiwan Leads Asia in the Limitless Pregnancy Economy Industry

The MamiGuide Golden Award, organized by MamiGuide, the largest platform for confinement services in Taiwan, is the first of its kind in Taiwan and Asia. MamiGuide helps pregnant mothers find quality providers through the platform. Gary Lee, the founder of MamiGuide, said, "Taiwan is the leader of the Chinese confinement service market in Asia, and over the years has nurtured many professional management talents and exported the industry know-how overseas. Next year, the MamiGuide Golden Award will expand its categories and adopt a registration system next year." He also invited overseas industry players to apply and even join the event to hold the Overseas MamiGuide Golden Award all together.

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