Bestar launches online company formation tool for entrepreneurs

SINGAPORE, Feb. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Bestar, an important company formation and business consultancy based in Singapore, launched a new online company formation tool for entrepreneurs. Investors can now follow the company formation procedures in three easy steps, starting with choosing a trade name and providing the needed identification documents. Bestar's agents specialized in setting up companies in Singapore are also available every step of the way to guide investors who wish to start a business in one of the leading business hubs in Asia.

Company formation in Singapore simplified

Bestar's online company formation tool is the easiest way to start a business in Singapore. Based on only three simple steps, it allows investors to quickly commence the registration process by providing the essential information about the company and themselves, thus allowing our agents to handle the subsequent processes.

Step 1: choose a company name and type -- this is the usual starting point for any investor who wishes to open a company; investors can choose between a private and a public limited liability company and the chosen name will be checked for availability after submission.

Step 2: during this step, the investor will need to write the name or names of the company director/directors as well as briefly describe the activity of the company; additional information is provided at this stage, with the option to choose to travel to Singapore.

Step 3: identification documents -- our agents will require copies of your passport or ID copies in order to prepare the documents for company registration.

Reasons to start a business in Singapore 

Many investors looking to expand to the Asian market choose between the option to establish a company in Hong Kong and that to set up their business headquarters in Singapore. With its new online incorporation service, Bestar meets the needs of investors who were considering opening a company in Singapore as opposed to Hong Kong.

Singapore is an excellent location to do business in Asia and among the main advantages it offers to investors we can mention an easy company incorporation procedure, low taxes, a strong economy as well as a pro-business policy.

Foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in an Asian city can request specialized incorporation aid from a team of local specialists. Likewise, those who are considering other business locations, such as the United Arab Emirates, can appoint agents specialized in company formation in Dubai.