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Beyond Bins: Tidy Waste Management Group Releases Carbon Footprint 2023 Report and Unveils Carbon-Negative Presence

Beyond Bins: Tidy Waste Management Group Releases Carbon Footprint 2023 Report and Unveils Carbon-Negative Presence

SINGAPORE, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Tidy Waste Management Group releases its carbon footprint report assessing its emission impact and goals for the future. Through innovative approaches and an unwavering commitment to sustainability in both their waste disposal and recycling facilities, they have made significant progress in carbon savings.

With an annual processing capacity of 64,932 tonnes of waste yearly, Tidy Waste Management Group demonstrates its dedication to minimising the impact of waste by recycling 74.2% of all waste processed. The group has diminished the need for virgin materials by diverting 48,201 tonnes of waste away from landfills to recycling facilities, turning trash into valuable resources.

This achievement underscores their role as an active contributor to local and global environmental goals. "We are thrilled to be at the forefront of sustainable waste disposal and environmental protection," said Vincent Wang, Director of Tidy Waste Management Group. "We understand that the task of waste disposal goes far beyond keeping Singapore clean. It contains a deeper mission to embrace the principles of the circular economy and pave the way for a more sustainable future."

Going beyond mere emission reduction, Tidy Waste Management Group proudly stands as a carbon-negative entity. While their operations emit 8 million tonnes of carbon emissions, their recycling efforts helped to save 34 million tonnes of carbon emissions. This makes the group stand at carbon-negative by 26 million tonnes. The impact of these carbon savings is equivalent to planting 1.2 million mature trees in a single year or taking 12,000 cars off the road.

They continue to move forward in their goal to further increase carbon emissions savings by incorporating solutions to increase their recycling rate and incorporate green energy sources, including:

  1. Installation of Solar Panels
    For clean energy generation on-site and to reduce reliance on fossil fuels,
  2. Copper Cable Recycling Machine
    Promotes resource efficiency and minimises the need for new copper extraction.
  3. Dry Method Processing for Copper Recycling
    Eliminates water usage and wastewater generation and lowers carbon emissions.
  4. Wood Shredder Machine for Contaminant Removal
    Improves wood recycling efficiency, reduces carbon footprint, and ensures higher-quality recycled wood.

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About Tidy Waste Management Group

Tidy Waste Management Group is a holistic waste management company dedicated to sustainable and responsible waste management practices.  Their services range from general waste disposal, metal and plastic container recycling, warehousing and logistics, material recovery and recycling, chemical waste disposal and solvent recycling.

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