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BGE won prestigious Asian awards on corporate social responsibility

BGE won prestigious Asian awards on corporate social responsibility

MANILA, Philippines, June 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Beijing GeoEnviron Engineering & Technology (BGE), a leading industry player in China, won two prizes of the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2018, Asia's most prestigious and largest recognition program, for the first time at the International CSR Summit 2018 held in the Philippines on June 1.

The International Corporate Social Responsibility Summit, organized by the Enterprise Asia, aims to raise the competitiveness of Asian enterprises, improve the enterprises' social responsibility, jointly deal with challenges faced by the world to get sustainable development, and raise feasible solutions for the challenges.

Themed "building a shared future", the summit has attracted CSR thinkers, practitioners and leaders from hundreds of leading Asian enterprises, representatives of diplomats and global media.

In his welcome address at the opening ceremony, Dato' William Ng, president of Enterprise Asia, introduced the historical development of the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards. He also raised proposals for the companies on how to practice social responsibility and promote sustainable development of the world.

Through showcasing the successful cases of relevant enterprises, the summit aims to find ways to promote the implementation of corporate social responsibility, thus to create a better world for human kind.

Felicitas Agoncillo-Reyes, assistant secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines, elaborated on how Asia could fulfill its goal of 2030 sustainable development agenda.

She said that the Philippine government has attached great importance to environmental protection, kept increasing capital funds and policy to support environmental protection, and set clear goal of emission cutting. Through these measures, the Philippine government hopes to improve the country's environment and achieve sustainable development of economy and society, she added.

During the roundtable discussion, Datuk Seri Dr. Victor Wee, former chairman of Tourism Malaysia and advisor to Enterprise Asia, Dr. Niven Huang, regional leader of KPMG sustainability services in Asia pacific, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, president and founding partner of Rags2riches, 2010 Young Laureate, and Nisha Menezes, regional social impact manager of Grab, shared their views on the topic of "reaching a shared future by creating long-term value".

From a perspective of cooperation among all industries, they discussed how to decrease the influence of business activities on environment and achieve the goal of sustainable development through such measures as share information and data resources.

During the summit, the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2018, Asia's most prestigious and largest recognition program, was held at a gala dinner. The awards were granted to organizations and individuals that have prominent performance in promoting sustainable development and practicing corporate social responsibility.

Since 2009, the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards has been hosted regionally, namely for the South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia chapters awarding companies for their respective nations. In 2015 Enterprise Asia had embarked on a more inclusive AREA 2015 chapter awarding the best CSR programs from the whole of Asia.

As a leading enterprise of Chinese environmental protection, BGE, with its prominent achievements and contribution in environmental protection, was invited to attend the summit and received two international awards on greed leadership and CSR of small- and medium-size enterprises, which has demonstrated the company's excellent reputation on practicing social responsibility.

Green development is an important part of building ecological civilization, and green industry is an important part of green development. BGE has made continues efforts to contribute to environmental protection, upheld responsible investment principle that focuses on social responsibility on environment, society and government, promoted its experiences of green and innovative practice.

BGE has completed nearly 1,000 grand environmental protection projects worldwide, covering a total population of 350 million, and it has played a leading role in China's environmental protection.

Meanwhile, BGE has also integrated CSR into its all-industrial chain, donated three hope primary schools, set BGE special awards in five universities, lunched numerous environmental protection funds including the special fund for environmental cleaners, and become a loyal participant as well as practitioner of CSR.

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