BH Global's cyber security division enters into strategic partnership with Sasa-Software (Israel)

SINGAPORE, Jan 31, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - BH Global Corporation Limited ("BH Global", SGX:BQN), an established group providing comprehensive solutions in supply chain management, design and manufacturing, engineering, and surveillance and cyber security to a multitude of industries across the globe, is pleased to announce that the Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Sasa-Software (Israel).

Sasa-software (Israel), an Israeli company based out of Kibbutz Sasa in the Upper Galilee, is an awardwinning, pioneer and specialist in CDR technologies. Since 2009, the company has protected more than 200 highly sensitive and critical sites, achieving virtually zero incidents.

Based out of Singapore, and as an extended arm of Sasa-Software (Israel), Sasa-APAC will expand its businesses and proliferate CDR technologies into the region by establishing viable regional channel partners. Sasa-APAC will qualify, appoint and train its channel partners with skill sets to adequately service the needs of their local customers, especially CII customers and customer who are in pursuit of network separation implementations.

"As high-profile breaches continue to make headlines globally and now even at home, such as the Singhealth data leak, this is a timely and strategic partnership in response to the global deficiency in mainly detection based cyber security strategies. It is especially so when threat vectors today are not just highly sophisticated in depth, but also expanding rapidly in breath from attacking enterprise IT systems to CIIs such as Operational Technologies (OT) and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) platforms in Industrial Control Systems. Sasa-APAC will benefit CIIs in the region directly through increased accessibility to CDR realisation skills and experiences. With that, we hope to change the common detection-centric mindset in most cyber-protection strategies today", said Mr Ken Soh, Chief Information Officer, BH Global and Chief Executive Officer, Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd ("ADPL").

ADPL and Sasa-Software have been in collaboration since 2014, successfully deploying the latter's flagship CDR technologies, protecting numerous critical networks of public and private sectors, including government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare and critical infrastructures. The formation of Sasa-APAC will take this relationship a step further, assuming the role as the face of Sasa-Software (Israel) in the APAC region.

"As a pioneer of CDR technology, Sasa-Software today is protecting more than 200 CIIs including government classified networks, military, water, energy plants, healthcare and FSI sensitive infra-structures since 2009. Sasa-APAC will therefore be a strategic and practical platform for us to introduce and proliferate this unique cyber protection technology to the Asia Pacific region. Sasa-APAC today is well equipped with engineers trained and certified by Sasa-Software, who come with extensive production experiences in Singapore. We are ready to serve and provide quality CDR solutions to the APAC region", said Yakov Yeroslav, Founder and CEO, Sasa-Software.

About BH Global Corporation Limited (Bloomberg Code: BHGM.SP)

BH Global Corporation Ltd is an established group providing comprehensive solutions in supply chain management, design and manufacturing, engineering, and surveillance and cyber security to a multitude of industries across the globe. With more than half a century of experience and presence in the marine and offshore, oil and gas, industrial, petrochemical and commercial sectors, the Group has built strong synergies and expertise that strategically position it to develop turnkey solutions focused on electrification, digitisation and environmental sustainability.

Through excellent research and development and project management capabilities, BH Global has a unique platform which is proficient in producing integrated solutions to capture growth opportunities, and executing swift and impactful value-added services to its clients worldwide. For more information, please refer to the website,


Based in Singapore, Athena Dynamics focuses on IT & OT cyber security (SecOps) and ITIL compliant integrated enterprise IT operation (ITOps) management solutions. Since its inception in mid-2014, Athena Dynamics has been awarded numerous classified projects in the public sector and critical projects to protect sensitive digital assets in the private sectors. With that and coupled with its strong credentials in enterprise IT operation management, the company poises to introduce more radically differentiated products and services to effectively protect digital assets which traditional methods fail to fulfil. For more information, please visit


Situated in northern Israel and privately owned by Kibbutz Sasa, Sasa-Software's solutions were originally developed within Plasan and Kibbutz Sasa's networks. This success enabled Sasa-Software to release its products nationally and internationally and today Sasa-Software protects over 200 sensitive and critical sites with virtually zero incident since 2009.

Sasa-Software's solutions have been tested by independent authorities specializing in IT security. Sasa Software's Gate Scanner(R) suite of solutions have been recognized by independent market analyst Frost & Sullivan as the Asia Pacific ICT (Critical Infrastructures) security vendor of the year for 2017. It was also ranked by independent research body STKI as the only pioneer and out-running champion of CDR technologies. For more information, please visit

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