BioScience Managers Invests in Canary Medical's Proprietary 'Smart' Implant Technology

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- BioScience Managers, one of Australia's leading international life sciences investment firms, has invested in a new medical device platform through their BioScience Managers Ventures Fund I. The Canary Health Implantable Reporting Processor (CHIRP) uses innovative sensor and novel communication technology in medical devices to enable remote patient monitoring. "Smart" medical devices will self-report on everything from patient activity to recovery and even treatment failure, without the need for physician intervention or a dependence upon patient compliance.

BioScience Managers invested as part of a syndicate led by Quark Venture Inc and GF Securities, including Relentless Pursuit Partners' Venture Fund in the first institutional round of investment in Canary Medical Inc., a medical data company dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes through the use of 'smart' medical devices.

The global orthopedic implants market was valued at greater than $47 billion in 2016, and is expected to grow to $75 billion by 2023. This translates to nearly $1 billion worth of medical implants currently inserted surgically into patients on a weekly basis. With few exceptions, these devices are silent with no monitoring capability. Canary will provide real-time feedback through its CHIRP™ system on an implant's performance to be analysed using Canary's Data Analytics™ software. Their resulting medical grade, super data set from the Canary implant and connected informatics network will enable better healthcare delivery for clinicians, both passively and remotely, translating to improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

"One of the problems with wearable health and fitness monitors is that people forget to wear them, wear them only when they're going to be active, or get bored with them and stash them away in their night table drawer," says Bill Hunter, CEO of Canary Medical. "Wearable data is just not adequate, accurate, or continuous enough to base important medical decisions upon it; the Canary system eliminates all these problems. The funding provided by this financing will enable development of the 'smart' artificial knee implant through to commercial release. We have multiple use cases for the system; in addition to a variety of orthopedic applications, we will be tackling vascular implants next."

BioScience Managers Matt McNamara (Chief Investment Officer) says, "The Canary Medical technology has the capacity to deliver better patient outcomes, more efficient delivery of treatment and a reduction in the cost of healthcare provision. That's a triple bottom line outcome from a medical device using smart technology, while being at the forefront of healthcare management."

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