The Birth of CoviCoin – An Alternative Healthcare Currency of the Future

The Birth of CoviCoin - An Alternative Healthcare Currency of the Future

Similar to gold or silver, cryptocurrencies exist as a tradable commodities that can be used to purchase goods and services. There are many types of such currencies, ranging from the world renown Bitcoin to lesser known meme tokens such as Dogecoin. While some are created purely for less desirable pump and dump schemes, many others have proper use cases. One of which is CoviCoin, a cryptocurrency launching late August 2021 designed to unite the world of healthcare.
It exists on the premise that healthcare is for anyone, anywhere; regardless of country, ethnicity, language, religion, or gender.

CoviCoin is a community driven Altcoin built on the Binance Smart Chain. It is the principal currency of Project X, an upcoming unified global framework for healthcare systems. Together, they will play a central role in solving the many deep rooted issues that have been plaguing the healthcare sector in recent times. As the founding members have expressed, the sacrifices of COVID-19 frontline workers had been their key motivation behind the creation of CoviCoin; hence the name.

Upon launch, the project will embark on An Initial Push - a starting initiative designed to reward frontline workers and give CoviCoin good price/liquidity stability in the process. This initiative will consist 2 simultaneous movements, the first of which being the gifting of 50,000 CoviCoins to 6,000 to 8,000 frontline workers each through the charity pool. Those who qualify as frontline workers will have to sign up on the website, allow a few days for background verification, and proceed to claim their CoviCoins.

Alongside the rewarding of frontline workers, the community will be purchasing and holding CoviCoins with the goal of pushing its value to US$0.01. This will result in a gift worth around US$500 (US$0.01 * 50,000) for each frontline worker - an ideal token of appreciation for their selfless sacrifices to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

This is just the very start of a long line of initiatives that CoviCoin has in the pipeline. The robust roadmap of CoviCoin is made up of key milestones such as the listing on various major exchanges, partnerships with healthcare MNCs, and the integration with existing healthcare systems of countries. These will lead up to the overarching goal of CoviCoin becoming a globally recognised currency for healthcare by year 2024.

The road forward is not going to be easy, the CoviCoin project is sure to face roadblocks and will require all the support necessary to make progress in the right direction. Starting from the presale of CoviCoin on 26 August 2021 at 0000hrs PST, the opportunity for everyone to contribute to and own a part of this world-changing project presents itself.

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