Launches Antminer S19 Pro Acceleration Plan

SINGAPORE, Mar 31, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) -, the first computing power sharing platform to launch the highly anticipated Antminer S19 Pro mining plans, unveils an innovative acceleration plan for users, which would speed up the process of returns. is launching an acceleration plan that allows customers who purchase their S19 Pro mining plans to gain returns at a faster rate. It comes fully loaded with a multitude of variances for the consumer in order to maximize the return catered to their needs. This announcement comes after news that the S19 Pro plans that first debuted on were sold out within 2 minutes of its release. For a limited period, purchasers of S19 Pro mining plans are able to enjoy up to 50 free mining days. With low power consumption and the longstanding trust the platform has built and nurtured with suppliers and mining pools, has provided this unique computer power sharing package to further accommodate their community.

Following the drop of prices, Chief Marketing Officer, Ray Shi, stated that "security is of the utmost concern for users with bearish sentiments". The classic plans have a higher ROI for long-term customers, while this new plan gives options to its users who are looking for faster returns, giving customers with varying sentiments and preferences towards the market an opportunity to gain during different conditions. The new plan boasts a design in which the purchase cost is relatively low, which would be favourable for users who aim to recover their mining investments faster and allow them to actively respond to changes in market conditions. Under the accelerated plan, the platform has zero initial profits and even subsidies. Every day when the accumulated mining revenue minus the paid electricity fee is less than the computing power cost, users get all the earnings during this period. Meanwhile, if the amount is equal to or greater than the computing power cost, earnings would be calculated on a daily basis and distributed accordingly. If the calculation is negative, there will not be any return distribution.

With their flexibility in offering a wide variety of currencies, varying cycle lengths and more options and opportunities, differentiates itself from its competitors by being customer-focused. During the recent price dip, a subsidy policy for T15 plans ( ) which has now ended, allowed users to apply for suspension of electricity delay mining. For more information on and their initiatives, please visit the official website.

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