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Bitkub Exchange and Bitkub Academy partner with TRON to develop Learning Airdops and host the NewTRON : Pitching Competition.

Bitkub Exchange and Bitkub Academy partner with TRON to develop Learning Airdops and host the NewTRON : Pitching Competition.
GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Media OutReach - 24 September 2022 - Bitkub Online Co., Ltd. and Bitkub Labs Co., Ltd. has announced the marketing partnership with TRON, a leading global blockchain network behind the creation of the TRON (TRX) coin, to distribute learning airdrops in the pursuit of stimulating secure investments, while also announcing the opening of a business-pitching competition for participants in the ages of 18 - 22 to induce education amongst young investors.

Bitkub Online, the service provider behind the Bitkub Exchange, Thailand's no.1 cryptocurrency exchange, regulated by the Thai SEC, and Bitkub Academy, the central hub for knowledge in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and investments in digital assets, have developed a mutual goal in stimulating educational awareness towards digital assets for safe investments, leading to the revolutionary partnership with Tron to support knowledge and awareness in the crypto space, as well as visibility for TRON within the Thai crypto community through various forms of campaigns, resulting in the partnership with TRON to drive educational understanding towards the TRON blockchain network and the creation of the NewTRON : Pitching Competition. The campaign is aimed to create opportunities for university-level students within the ages of 18 - 22 to propose business and marketing models in the effort of developing awareness and educational amongst the young masses, while also rewarding learning airdrops and the opportunity to intern with the company.

The partnership agreement signing ceremony between Bitkub and TRON was hosted on September 17th, 2022 at the Bitkub M Social venue, The EmQuartier department store with Mr. Sugrit Phutaviriya, Chief Marketing Officer of Bitkub Online Co., Ltd., Ms. Liyawal Chakphatrapakin, Academy Business Manager of Bitkub Labs Co., Ltd., and Ms. Rachel Huo, Marketing Manager of TRON taking commemorative photos to commence the partnership.

Mr. Sugrit Phutaviriya, Chief Marketing Officer of Bitkub Online Co., Ltd. provided insights to the partnership as follows:

"Under this collaboration with TRON, we are determined to drive more than just marketing values. Bitkub has been aware of the influx of interest towards cryptocurrencies and digital assets since 2017, with many investors just entering the marketing lacking the essential knowledge to effectively invest in this highly volatile market. With this kept in mind, the company has moved forward with providing adequate tools to invest wisely to induce risk-awareness and education. This is indeed reflected in the provisions of learning airdrops under the NewTRON: Pitching Competition activity, hosted to stimulate targeted education amongst young investors and prepare them for upcoming market trends."

Mr. Peerasit Chiwabhong, Deputy CEO of Bitkub Infinity Co., Ltd. and member of the NewTRON : Pitching Competition's judging panelists provided a visionary opening to the event as follows:

"The NewTRON : Pitching Competition's aim is to not only support knowledge in digital assets and the opportunity to acquire real experience in a professional environment through an internship program with the company, but also to bring out the potential very evidently-seen in the young masses, saturated with determination to create revolutionary changes in the current age of digital disruption. With this taken into account, the NewTRON : Pitching Competition is indeed an important step forward towards the aim of laying down a strong foundation for young investors and to enable them to display their full capabilities."

The NewTRON : Pitching Competition distributed learning airdrops in the total amount of 36,000 TRX (TRON) with a total value of approximately 80,000 Thai baht to the top three winning teams, while also enabling the invaluable chance of taking an internship with the Bitkub Online Co., Ltd.'s marketing team to allow participants to push forward their ideas into reality.

For further details and information of upcoming activities, please visit the Bitkub Official and Bitkub Academy Facebook pages.

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