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Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, Hakim Unique Group and DENBA JAPAN announce exclusive US Distribution Agreement to Enhance Food Preservation

DALLAS, TX & BELL, CA, Nov 8, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, LLC of Dallas, TX, together with California-based Hakim Unique Groups' Wingar Industrial Inc (DBA Denba USA), and DENBA JAPAN Co Ltd signed an exclusive strategic development agreement for United States distribution of the patented DENBA water molecule technology.

DENBA preservation technology utilizes static waves to create electric fields in freezers to preserve perishable foods by lengthening moisture crystallization. Thus, while extending the freshness of frozen products longer than typical heat-removal freeze technology, this significantly lowers food waste via slowing oxidation in frozen food in residential and commercial food preservation applications, as well as across supply chain logistics such as prefabricated storage units typically used in cold storage units at ports, in shipping, trucking, and other food storage reefers.

"We are excited to partner with both Hakim Unique Groups' Wingar Industrial Inc. and DENBA Japan Co Ltd to bring this impactful technology to the US marketplace," said Elvin Thibodeaux, Managing Partner of Bizos Cavallo Enterprises. "The prevention of the morphology of ice crystals and limitation of food oxidation with minimal impact to cold storage capacity will be extremely beneficial in food import, export and utilization across the United States supply chain. We look forward to working to lowering the roughly 30% food waste impact lost from in farm-to-fork transference across our country's various commodity classes, as well as in that of daily usage in residential refrigeration within our homes."

"Through years of research and development and improvement, DENBA's product line has formed a complete set of equipment chains that can meet the cold chain needs of storage, including long-, medium- and short-distance transportation. This, as well as in-home food preservation provides us confidence that the US marketplace will embrace DENBA's product offerings. We look forward to working with Bizos Cavallo to deliver this technology at a time where maximizing food resources is critical to the needs of many," said Henry Huang, Chief Executive Officer of Hakim Unique Group.

"Since 2004, DENBA JAPAN has been committed to the research and development of water-based technology to enhance the human quality of life. We are confident that our new distribution alliance with Wingar Industrial Inc. and Bizos Cavallo Enterprises will result in a positive impact to cycle of food and its useful life via our patented food preservation technology throughout the United States," said Kanetaka Goto, Chief Executive Officer, DENBA JAPAN Co Ltd.

DENBA utilizes its unique patented technology which resonates and activates water molecules to maintain longer than normal food preservation. Under the DENBA environment, perishable food may be stored in a negative temperature range, which leads to a reduction of the bacteria growth for perishable food items. Denba products can be retrofitted to the existing refrigerated equipment and can be used in a wide range of food distribution applications, including not only refrigerators, but also prefabricated storage units, trucks, and reefer containers.

About Bizos Cavallo Enterprises

Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, LLC is a strategic consulting and operations firm focused on emerging bioscience innovation for public health, strategic alliances, and global investment resources, based in Dallas, TX, with offices in New Orleans and Winston-Salem, NC. In addition, Bizos Cavallo owns the subsidiary, BP&D International, LLC, a global leader in the procurement and the export of premium cultural commodities, including bulk grains, animal proteins, and their respective derivatives. Founded in 2017, Bizos Cavallo's network includes partners and a host of strategic alliances in the United States, Greece, Romania, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, France, Brazil, the West Indies and a Trade Operations Desk with Clarion Global-UK in the United Kingdom. For more about Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, visit

About Hakim Unique Group

Hakim Unique Group (HUG), founded in 2000 with headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, is an investment conglomerate with more than 175 subsidiaries including Hakim Unique Internet Co Ltd (now Straits Innovation, 300300.SH), a publicly listed Shenzhen A-Share company. HUG and its subsidiaries hold investments in information technology, film and TV media, healthcare, insurance, innovative finance and asset management. With total group valuation of more than RMB210 billion, or US$32 billion, the Group is ranked amongst China's top 500 private enterprises according to Zheshang Magazine and among the country's top 100 most profitable private enterprises. Visit, or Wingar Industrial (DBA Denba USA) at


Established in 2004 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with a presence in Osaka and Zhenjiang, China, DENBA is at the forefront of electric field preservation technology with products and interests across healthcare, agriculture, aquaculture and cold chain logistics via technology. DENBA together with equipment manufacturers develops solutions to provide protection for the food cold chain. Current partner clients include the world's largest container manufacturer CIMC (DENBA equipped with professional temperature-controlled containers), China Railway Group (DENBA equipped with containers and long-distance cold chain vehicles), Changhong Group, Aucma Group (commercial and household refrigerators), Hoshizaki Co., Ltd. (the largest kitchen refrigeration equipment manufacturer in Japan), Isuzu Motors (refrigerated trucks and containers) and ITOCHU Corporation (trade distribution, cold chain logistics). Visit DENBA JAPAN at

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