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Blis to empower world's largest brands and agencies to target customers at scale in the post-cookie world

Blis to empower world's largest brands and agencies to target customers at scale in the post-cookie world

- Blis' new privacy-first product suite will enable clients to deliver key business outcomes

- By combining rich location insight with other real-world and online data, Blis will deliver new way of targeting that changes the way it plans and buys media

SYDNEY, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Blis, the pioneer of privacy-first location-powered advertising, announces the launch of its new product suite, which will enable the world's largest brands and agencies to target their customers at scale in the post-cookie world and still achieve key outcomes.

As the industry pivots away from targeting based on IDs and personal data, brands need to find new ways to drive key business outcomes through personalised and high-performing digital advertising. Indeed recent research* has revealed that 78% of senior marketers are concerned or very concerned by the loss of cookies, whilst 61% feel the same about the disappearance of IDFAs. When questioned about what concerned them the most, 37% cited that it was a combination of factors including, the ability to effectively plan intelligent campaign strategies, run targeted and personalised campaigns at scale and effectively measure campaign performance.

Blis is tackling this challenge head on by leveraging its prowess in the location-based advertising space. It will now combine location data with hundreds of aggregated and anonymised behavioural and lifestyle signals, building a more complete picture of a brand's customers, to reach them at scale in a privacy-first way.

Blis' new suite of privacy-first products

Launching in key global markets, Audience Explorer is a visual, interactive tool that enables brands to discover what makes their customers' unique, build richer media plans and deliver better outcomes. Audience Explorer is powered by precise and directly-observed location behaviours from Blis' huge global opted-in panel. Armed with this deep customer understanding, Blis will then use it's new Dynamic Audience Targeting to reach personalised audiences at scale, using a variety of rich, anonymised signals, from lifestyle characteristics and affinities through to shopping and spending habits – all without reliance on personal data. These new offerings will enable the world's largest brands and media agencies to continue to deliver key campaign outcomes through personalised and scalable targeting, despite the reduction of IDFAs and the death of the cookie.

Audience Explorer
Audience Explorer

Greg Isbister, CEO, Blis comments "Our industry is at a major inflection point, with significant changes impacting every single part of digital advertising as we know it today.

"We have been investing heavily in technology to address the requirements of advertisers to reach consumers at scale while not having to rely on personal identifiers, such as third party cookies or mobile device identifiers. This new technology will fundamentally change the way our clients plan, buy and target personalised audiences at scale to deliver against their key outcomes."

Blis client, Sophie Strong, Head of Display and Social, Wavemaker adds "We always want to work with partners like Blis who help us proactively navigate key industry topics. Blis' new privacy-first targeting methodology provides a truly innovative solution to a pressing challenge." 

*Blis client survey, with 109 respondents, conducted  in February 2021.

Note: Audience Explorer and Dynamic Audience Targeting are launching in the US, UK and Australia. They will launch in Italy, Singapore and the Netherlands in the coming months.

About Blis

Blis is the leading privacy-first, location-powered programmatic advertising partner. We deliver accurate targeting at scale without reliance on personal data, helping the world's largest brands and media agencies drive key business outcomes through personalised and high-performing digital advertising.

Blis uses real-world and online data, as well as behaviour and lifestyle indicators, to profile and understand audiences better than anyone else. Using a huge opted-in global planning and measurement panel and taking an aggregated and anonymous approach to audience targeting, Blis reaches precise audiences at scale without reliance on personal data.

Established in the UK in 2004, Blis now operates in more than 40 offices across five continents. Working with the world's largest and most customer-driven companies across all verticals including Unilever, Samsung, McDonald's, HSBC, Mercedes Benz and Peugeot, as well as every major media agency, Blis reaches over a billion mobile devices a year.

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