Blockchain-based educational platform Opet kicks off Private Sale

SINGAPORE, June 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- After an exciting buildup, Opet -- the blockchain-based artificial intelligence chatbot learning platform -- has finally announced the commencement of its private sale. This process will run from June 2018 onwards and is expected to rack up approximately 30-45k ETH worth in tokens.

A pristine sector with vast opportunities

Education is a global evergreen industry. Worldwide expenditures rose to an estimated $6 trillion in 2016, with spending on higher learning forecasted to rise eight percent this year to $2.05 trillion. Year-on-year growth in demand is fueled globally by population growth and an expanding middle class in Asia and Africa. The target addressable market is huge by any measure.

According to a report published by Citigroup in July 2017, the total K-12 global market is estimated to be $3 trillion, with a post-secondary market estimated to be $1.5 trillion. Opet has a specific target audience in high school students, at the cusp of making their tertiary choices. With its Singaporean pedigree, Opet (which originates from the Estonian word Opetaja that means learn/teach) is determined to build a learning platform that embraces inclusive education for global students, and expanding horizons and tertiary options for the students with constructive conversations delivered via its Opetbot.

Solutions for an industry with actual demand

With an industry that is continuously regenerating, Opet is expected to be bathing in incremental demand for its services. As mentioned, it targets a specific group of consumers who already has a pressing need for its digital tuition companion services. The platform will offer academic assistance tailored to align with what is required of the national/matriculation exams, granting students a smart way to revise effectively and ace effortlessly.

This crowd-funding duration will be a crucial period in Opet's development of a decentralized learning platform powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence. Consider a one-true source of high-school records powered by our unique hyperledger-ethereum blockchain solution for secure, seamless and convenient tertiary admission process, for both students to apply and tertiary admission offices to verify.  With its goal of delivering social good through inclusive education that is both personalized and affordable, the learning platform will likely be a long standing one substantiated by burgeoning intrinsic value.

A network engineered to stimulate token usage

While the Opet Token (OPET) serves a myriad of applications, its core features revolve around network incentives incorporated to stimulate token usage. The Opet Token will work as a sweetener, encouraging students on the network to contribute revision notes, and relevant and curated online content in return for the staked tokens. At the same time, college admission offices in need of third party affirmations will be offered the option of purchasing testimonies and other academic data from the network using the Opet Token, presenting them a more efficient way of validating accreditations.

More than that, philanthropists can leverage on the security, accountability and transparency nature of Opet's unique blockchain solution to transmit Opet Token donations safely to their beneficiaries without the fear of corrupt intermediaries. These network incentives will be the driving force to progressively, and sustainably propel Opet Token's valuation in the market.

Star-studded panel of advisors

Prior to the kickoff of its private sale, Opet has already formed a steady lineup of strategic partnerships with notable individuals in the blockchain industry, including Founding Executive Chairman of China Greater Bay Area TechFin Association and CEO of CoinStreet Mr. Samson Lee; CEO of 4Rev Mr. Michael Creadon and Blockchain Monk, Mr. Karthick Iyer -- One of the original 8 ambassadors of the P2P foundation (the only place Satoshi Nakamoto has his webpage). With a star-studded panel of advisors who are also technical experts in this niche field, Opet investors will be in for a treat once the eponymous token gets listed on the exchange this September.

Perks of being an early bird

"The private sale is an exciting developmental phase of the project, as it involves a large amount of personal interaction with investors," said Wilson Wang, CEO of Opet.

"While discussing the intricacies of the project with interested individuals, not just investors but potential users as well, we are exposed to valuable insight that will ultimately shape the decisions we make. And our early investors benefit greatly as well, enjoying the generous bonus structure that we have set aside for this period. It's a win-win," he said with a smile.

Opet's private sale will start from 30th May, with early bird rewards offered in the form of bonus tokens.

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