BLUCON introduces social media P2P business platform

Integrated business platform combining P2P marketing and transaction systems.

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- BLUCON announced that they will be introducing a P2P business platform service providing users the ability to purchase and pay directly from social media pages.

Image provided by BLUCON Project
Image provided by BLUCON Project

BLUCON will provide a new P2P business platform solution that combines blockchain technology with P2P advertisement solutions and transaction systems within the advertisement and marketing industry.

There are approximately 320 million social media users online, 74% of which use Facebook on a daily basis and another 60% on Instagram. Social media users are known to spend an average of 60 minutes everyday. While 70% of them do not trust sponsored advertisements, 88% of them only take recommendations from personal contacts and close friends.

Advertising on social media has always been regarded by advertisers with mistrust, low cost efficiency and the lack of effectiveness. Users of social media services have always expressed inconvenience of the purchase and payment methods and annoyance from the indiscriminate bombardment of advertisement exposure.

BLUCON plans to respond by providing a global standard API blockchain based service to social media platform users worldwide, offering a service that combines marketing and purchasing with a P2P business platform. BLUCON hopes to open a new chapter in global economic activity as users take advantage of the flexibility offered by BLUCON.

Ki-Sung Song, the head of business at BLUCON stated "We aim to construct a multi business platform structure where users can freely utilize our services to take part in economic activities through social media platforms, in the hopes of envigorating the industry, just as internet shopping malls became more open to the public. Our vision is to create an environment where businesses and users can co-exist in a free and user-friendly environment."

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