Blue Cross Insurance Launches "CareForYou for VHIS" Plans

Offers up to 50% Off 1st Year Premium on Our 50th Anniversary and Dental Care Service Coupon Privilege

HONG KONG, April 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited ("Blue Cross") today announces the launch of CareForYou Standard Plan for VHIS ("Standard Plan") and CareForYou Flexi Plan for VHIS ("Flexi Plan") (collectively, "CareForYou for VHIS"). CareForYou for VHIS is an individual indemnity hospital insurance plan certified by the Food and Health Bureau (FHB) under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme ("VHIS"), which aims to provide the public with an additional choice of using private healthcare services through indemnity hospital insurance and relieving the pressure on public hospitals in the long run. The premiums paid will be eligible for tax deduction, subject to a maximum amount of HK$8,000 per insured per year[1].

As one of the supporting insurance companies for VHIS, Blue Cross is committed to providing customers with comprehensive medical protection. Its two certified plans, which include the Standard Plan and Flexi Plan, offer customers more choices of medical insurance products to meet their needs. CareForYou for VHIS is suitable for individuals aged from 15 days old to 80 years old. Both plans offer guaranteed renewal up to the age of 100 of the insured and have no lifetime benefit limit. The annual limit of basic benefits in the Standard Plan is HK$420,000 while the annual limit of basic and enhanced benefits in the Flexi Plan can be up to HK$680,000 (applicable to insured aged 75 or below). The coverage also extends to Unknown Pre-existing Conditions, Treatment of Congenital Conditions, Prescribed Non-surgical Cancer Treatments and Diagnostic Imaging Tests, Psychiatric Treatment, etc. The premiums paid for CareForYou for VHIS are tax deductible, subject to a maximum amount of HK$8,000 per insured per year. There is no cap on the number of dependants that are eligible for the tax deduction.

Apart from the basic coverage above, CareForYou for VHIS offers customers free value-added services, including 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Aid and No Hospital Bills to Pay Service. Flexi Plan customers can even opt for Optional Outpatient Benefits to cater for their specific needs. This enhanced health protection ensures that customers and their families will be well taken care of.

Mr. Patrick Wan, Managing Director of Blue Cross, said, "In view of the ageing population in Hong Kong, the increasing demand for healthcare services and rising medical costs, Blue Cross understands the importance of comprehensive individual medical protection, which can ease the financial burden in the event of hospitalisation. Unfortunately, about half of Hong Kong people do not have any hospital insurance protection[2], indicating a huge health protection gap. People generally rely on public hospital services, resulting in pressure on the resources of the public healthcare system, which in turn affects the quality of healthcare services. We welcome the implementation of VHIS by FHB and to show our support for this policy, we have launched CareForYou for VHIS, which provides customers with comprehensive medical protection and high quality medical services. We are committed to safeguarding our customers' well-being at different life stages, helping them to build a 'Smart' life."

To meet the growing need for quick and easy application, CareForYou for VHIS is available for online application through Blue Cross' website. Customers simply have to answer a few health-related questions to fulfill the underwriting requirements and the insurance policy will be issued. Successful applicants can access Blue Cross' Super Care website, an e-service platform, or its newly launched Blue Cross HK mobile app to check benefit details, claim status and claim history anytime anywhere, submit outpatient claims (if applicable), and search network doctors/clinics, etc.

To celebrate Blue Cross 50th Anniversary, customers can enjoy up to 50% off first year premium[3][4] and Dental Care Service Coupon[4] upon successful online enrolment in CareForYou for VHIS from now till 30 June 2019. For details, please visit

[1] Tax deduction is subject to the requirements as stated in the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

[2] Source: Thematic Household Survey Report No. 63, Census and Statistics Department.

[3] 50% off first year premium is applicable to SmartClub members whose identity document contains both digits "5" and "0" and have successfully enrolled in CareForYou for VHIS online. Other customers can also enjoy different levels of premium discount privileges.

[4] The promotional offer is subject to relevant terms and conditions.


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